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Department of Education and Research

ICRT is a multifaceted education and research institute which combines Center of Medical Research, Center for Clinical Trial, Objective Structure Clinical Examination (OSCE) Center, Databank of Public Health Analysis and Faculty Development Center. Numerous basic and clinical studies, research training, postgraduate clinical training, residency training, nursing training, faculty training as well as international medical training programs were initiated at ICRT.

Center for Medical Research includes four core labs, Cytogenetics and molecular genetics core, Biochemical and pharmacokinetics core, Clinical database and tissue bank core, and Genotyping core. All four core labs equipped with precision instruments including high-resolution gas chromatography mass spectrometry, tandem mass spectrometry, cytogenetic workstation equipped with automated chromosome capture and analysis, pathologic digital slide scanners, amino acid analyzers, confocal microscopy, genotyping microarray system...etc.

In Center for Clinical Trials, Series of human study are launched by our devoted scientists to find out new technologies or new therapies for further translational medicine. This center is designed to provide a private and safe space for trial subjects and a functional ward for research educations. Subjects' right and confidentiality are strictly ensured by our IRB, which certified by The Forum for Ethical Review Committees in the Asian and Western Pacific Region (FERCAP).

In addition to research training, ICRT also fit for clinical training needs. The OSCE Center provides a rehearsal platform for interns and nurses to practice clinical proficiency including catheter and peripheral venous catheter placement training, arterial blood sampling, basic skills in endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery simulation training. Committed to facilitating interdisciplinary and equipped with scientists and specialized personnel, ICRT provides an excellent basic and clinical research infrastructure to perform high quality research studies as well as a variety of professional training.