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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei-Matsu EYE Unlimited Image Cloud Workstation is Launched2014-04-01
2Chinese Herbal Compound Kuaixinyin can Improve Liver Functions of Hepatitis Patients,2013-11-04
3Taipei City Hospital Medical Mission Sent Love to Nepal2013-04-01
4Mobile Mammography Van on its way to protect your breast health!2013-03-19
5Positron Emission Tomography, the First Cancer Screening Instrument in Taipei City Hospital2013-01-22
6Blessings for People with Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Yangming Branch of Taipei City Hospital Establishes a Sleep Apnea Screening Center2012-12-18
7Grand Opening for Renai Branch’s Xinyue Postpartum Nursing Home --the Most Comfortable Nursing Home for New Mothers2012-10-15
8Taipei City Hospital Celebrates the 101st Nurses’ Day and Excellent Personnel Commending Assembly2012-06-04
9Grand Inauguration of Tumor Treatment Center 2012-04-20
10Beyond Centennial: Moving toward the New Medical Era2011-12-14
11Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation2011-09-20
12Chinese Language Course for New Immigrants2011-07-29
13The Centennial Celebration of the International Nurse Day and the Commendation for Outstanding Members of Staff2011-07-18
14The Nation’s First Smoking Cessation Assistance Areas in Taipei are Opened2011-07-05
15Lose 3 Kilograms in 3 Months, and Receive 10 Wellness Points!2010-09-02
162010 Taipei Healthy City & Asian Male Health Symposium2010-08-02
17World hypertension Day 2010 “Preventing Hypertension–Hiking Go! Go! Go!”2010-05-10
18Taipei City Subsidizes Post-marital Pre-pregnancy Fertility Health Examination2010-05-03
1904/20 Noon_Schizophrenia: Novel Endophenotype Exploration / Heroin Dependence and Methadone Maintenance Program2010-04-15
20Joint Symposium among National Yang Ming University, UCSD and Taipei City Hospital (2009.10.16-2009.10.18)2009-09-10