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Our Performance


Libya and Thailand

Mr. Ab dalla Ahmed Elbalkkoush - Libya

It is unbelievable; in Libya we don't have acupuncture, Chinese medicine or Cupping It is very nice to learn a new type of therapy in Taiwan, instead of just give prescription to patients.
I also thanks to all staff and Doctor that help me to get more experience. I am very happy and interesting in this program thanks for all.

Miss Nattanant Noomhorm- Thailand

I am interested in Chinese traditional medicine and studying my master in National Yangming University from 2011. Before the semester start I am really glad I have this chance to do observation in Taipei City Hospital.
The closing ceremony for the second group of Mongolian doctors
August 30, 2012  
The closing ceremony for the second group of Mongolian doctors.
The orientation for the third group of Mongolian doctors.
October 17, 2012
The orientation for the third group of Mongolian doctors.