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Taipei City Hospital


Keep or Extract Loose Teeth?

“Doctor, I suffer from periodontitis. Shall I keep or extract the teeth?”
Sha Yi-jun, attending physician of dentistry in the Yangming Branch of Taipei City Hospital, expresses that dental treatment shall be subject to overall and comprehensive considerations, including the patients’ health condition, dietary habit and subsequent full mouth reconstruction and maintenance.

Implant dentistry has flourished in recent years, which also influences dental treatment and patients’ living quality. Periodontal treatment is no longer confined to keeping natural teeth, but achieves the reconstruction of the comprehensive oral function and appearance by means of more active and careful input in tooth implantation and repair of relevant soft and hard tissues.
Sha Yi-jun says that dental treatment shall give priority to controlling inflammation. If the treatment has no effect or the situation shows that it’s unsuitable to keep the teeth, the treatment plan shall be reevaluated. Generally speaking, if less than 50% periodontal tissues are damaged, the cases shall be hopeful. However, if more than 70% periodontal tissues are damaged, the situation will not be so optimistic.

The failure in dental implantation is mostly caused by bacterial infection. In order to pursue long-term dental health and stability, the dentist shall make sure that there is no high level of pathogens in the oral environment before dental implantation, and instruct patients to maintain proper oral hygiene and cooperate well with the dentist.

The extraction of teeth requires careful evaluation of the integral function and appearance by the periodontists. Tooth extraction and implantation are both part of the holistic therapy. The tooth implant shall be used to replace natural missing teeth. The periodontists shall lessen patients’ fear of tooth extraction and implantation and ease their mental burden by giving them correct concepts, so as to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect and long-term stability.