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Say goodbye to fatigue and a heavy head in summer: a Chinese medicine approach to fight the summer heat evil

        Heat stroke and summer cold easily occur with record high temperatures in the summer and the coming of the Great Heat in the 24 Solar Terms. Three characteristics of summer heat evil are as follows:

1. The characteristic of summer heat being scorching-hot: People with summer heat evil will have the fire-heat syndrome, such as hot skin, thirst, excessive sweating, scant yellow urine and flooding pulse.

2. The characteristic of summer heat being ascending and dispersive: The body fluids and qi (the vital energy) are easy to be consumed and damaged, commonly resulting in symptoms like excessive sweating, upset, thirst, fatigue and less urine.

3. Summer heat combined with dampness: The summer heat can result in symptoms like fatigue, poor appetite, tightness in chest, nausea, loose stool and a coated tongue.

       Dr. Wan-Jung Wu, an acupuncturist at Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch, stated that the symptoms of summer cold include mild fever, a heavy head, fatigue, tightness in chest, nausea, sticky stool, coughing with sticky phlegm, and a runny nose with cloudy nasal mucus. Some Chinese medication includes: the Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin (the Newly Augmented Mosla Drink), the Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San (the Agastache Powder), or the Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang (the Astragalus and Atractylodes Formula). In terms of the treatment, it is recommended for the patients with summer cold to rest well and combine the medication and diet with low salts and summer-heat clearing and damp-removing foods, such as white fungus soup with lotus seeds, or sweet mung bean soup with pearl barley.
For people who easily get heat stroke or summer cold, Dr. Wu has recommended a Chinese medicine approach to refresh and relive summer heat, which uses the Sheng Mai Yin (the pulse promoting drink) in summer to promote the production of body fluids and benefit qi, as well as astringe yin (the physical form of an object which has less energetic qualities) and reduce sweating. The composition of the Sheng Mai Yin is simple with only three ingredients required: American ginseng (to invigorate qi), Mondo Grass (to nourish yin and moisten dryness) and Chinese Magnolia vine (to astringe and reduce sweating, and the sourness can also promote the production of bodily fluids). With the combination of those three ingredients, people can maintain qi and reduce thirst, promoting the production of bodily fluids.
* How to make the Sheng Mai Yin
3-5 slices of American ginseng
11.25 g of Mondo Grass
5.625 g of Chinese Magnolia vine
Water volume:
Add 500-800 cc hot water, and then it is ready to drink.