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Children Cannot Grow Up Twice, Life Education Must Be Timely

       The issues of “birth, aging, sickness, and death” is often regarded as taboo during a child’s upbringing, thinking that the child is too young and won’t understand. Their life education often begins after a major event has occurred. Why not take some time, be with children, and use the opportunity to bond with them. Consider the following ways of communicating with children about life on memorial day. It is another way of showing you care.

1. Create a quiet time for both of you

       Serenity is required to talk about life. In addition to having fun, let them calm down to experience life, and you too can also settle down to talk about the important steps of life.

2. Story is the best opener

       Stories are the easiest way of getting started. You can talk about the history of your family or about how you recently heard of hospice and the Patient Autonomy Act. Both are good for interacting, and can also decrease the anxiety of talking about life.

3. Create a safe, flexible, and diverse environment for talking and exploring

       The most important thing is to allow the children to express their heart's desires. The adults need to be patient, try to understand what the children are thinking, and not be judgmental.

4. The four aspects of life can be familiarized while children are young

       We recommend using these four aspects of life as a foundation when spending time with children. “Love, sorry, thanks, and farewell” can be integrated into daily life. Allow children to understand and treat life through these four aspects of life.