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Mid-autumn Festival—A Family Reunion where the Moon is at its Roundest

       The annual mid-autumn festival is just around the corner. Without a doubt, with the festive vibe of the Mid-autumn Festival, moon cakes, barbecues, and pomelos are a must. However, if you eat without control, you might end up getting a bulgy belly after the Mid-autumn Festival holidays. As for how to avoid getting a belly bulge, the following are some suggestions for the general public.

       The most indispensable food for the Mid-autumn Festival occasion is the moon cake, but its calorie content often causes you to overeat without even knowing it. According to statistics, a traditional Cantonese-style mooncake contains about 400-700 calories, while other meringue mooncakes such as mung bean cakes or egg yolk cakes contain about 300-500 calories despite their relatively smaller size. Although modified new mooncakes today, such as tea mooncakes, iced-crust mooncakes, or small mooncakes that come in a variety of flavors, emphasize low sugar and low calories, they still contain 150-250 calories. Therefore, when selecting mooncakes, it is advisable to choose low-calorie and small-serving mooncakes. As for how to eat mooncakes, sharing may be a good way to not only get to taste different mooncake flavors without consuming more calories than needed, but also to strengthen the bond with family and friends.

       “Admiring the full moon” is the most important event during Mid-autumn Festival where the moon is at its roundest. Watching the moon alone might be a little boring, so modern people watch the moon while barbecuing, indulging in the food while strengthening familial unity. However, although barbecued foods smell and taste good, how can we eat healthily without sacrificing taste? It is recommended that meats in thin slices should be chosen, as they cook faster in the grilling process, while uneven heat causing burns that form carcinogens can be avoided. As for meats of your choice, avoid overeating high-fat sausages, bacon, chicken wings, chicken buttocks, and so on. Instead, choose chicken breast, loin, or other low-fat meats. In addition, while grilling, seasoning powder may be an alternative for barbecue sauce high in sodium and calorie content. Besides tasting fresh foods in their original flavors, the burden on health can also be minimized. Finally, vegetables and fruits that complement meat are recommended, especially mushrooms, green peppers, corn shoots, lettuce, cucumbers, etc. Other than their large sizes and low-calorie contents, they are rich in fiber and complement meat in such a way that meat becomes more refreshingly delicious and increases satiety without you eating more meat. A barbecue can be delicious, burden-free, and worry-free!

       Furthermore, it is suggested that while eating mooncakes or having a barbecue, sugar-free tea beverages or water should be consumed in place of sugary beverages. In case of indigestion, bloating, and other gastrointestinal symptoms due to overeating, you may drink Chinese herbal tea to aid digestion and absorption. Medicinal ingredients: lotus leaf (3 qian [1 qian=3.75g]), hawthorn (3 qian), ebony (1 piece), tangerine peel (2 qian). Place the above medicinal ingredients in 500cc of boiling water and simmer for 15 minutes. Consume after removing the medicinal ingredients in place of tea beverages. The lotus leaf is known for not only breaking down oil and grease, but also for reducing fat gastrointestinal absorption; hawthorn and ebony can promote meat and oil absorption by the intestines and stomach; and tangerine peel can aid in suppressing bloatedness. In case you eat too much mooncake, you can include malt (2 qian) in the above ingredients to increase starch digestion.

       The above recommendations are intended for everyone having a reunion with their family during the Moon Festival where the moon is at its roundest, not the belly.