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Taipei City Hospital


Cross-aspect collaborative health care gives guarding to the patients with dementia and their family

       Taipei City Hospital takes the mission of developing caring services for dementia. Songde Branch is taken as an example:

1. Focusing the outpatient clinic of dementia and memory integration, the doctors of Neurology and Psychiatry, Physicians, Psychologists, Pharmacists, professional nursing personnel, case manager and social workers are integrated for providing physical and psychological health care and consultation and application of a variety of social welfare.

2. “Dezhi Academy” offers day care services for senior citizens by arranging physical activities including gardening, aroma, music, dance, board games guided by professional nursing personnel, occupational therapists and physical therapists. Through the stimulation and physical exercises to sensory and awareness, the progress of dementia and disability will be delayed. To those patients who have mental problems, it’s a great opportunity for them to transfer their concentration and consume their energy. To their family, when patients go to care-free places during day time, they can have more time for themselves, so as to relieve part of their pressure caused by health care.

3. As to those special and hard to take cared individual cases, there are dementia wards available in Songde Branch. Professional nursing personnel and social workers will provide caring suggestions and medication adjustments regarding individual condition. In one hand, these individual cases can adjust their physical and psychological condition in a good environment; on the other hand, their family can have an opportunity for taking a full-day break.

       Attending doctor of Division of Psychiatry of Songde Branch, Taipei Hospital Zhu Zhi-bang said, the health care to dementia should be comprehensive, and a household health care model should be created by the integrated collaboration between doctors, nursing care, therapists in all aspects and social workers to fit in each family. We expect that with a variety of models the service can really meet each family’s need to facing to future challenges.