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The Sleep Center of Zhongxing Branch will Help You Find out the Reason for Your Sleeping Disorder

About one third of our life is spent sleeping, and sleep quality has a great influence on the performance of our work and study in the daytime. If a person lacks sleep for a long time, such phenomena as memory deterioration or emotional instability can easily occur. Dr. Chen Weizhi from the neurology department of the Zhongxing branch, says patients often complain they do not sleep well at night due to dreaming a lot, snoring, grinding their teeth, sleep-walking or because their feet twitch involuntarily; therefore, they often doze off in the daytime. All of these symptoms belong to sleep disorders. The common causes of sleep disorders include: insomnia, sleep apnea, hypersomnia, parasomnias (such as sleepwalking, grinding teeth, sleep paralysis or sleep talking), sleep-wake cycle disorder, etc. To help patients with sleeping disorders, the Zhongxing branch of Taipei City Hospital integrated specialists of neurology, chest medicine, ENT and psychiatry to found a sleep center. The sleep center has advanced sleep testers that can examine all kinds of sleep-related disorders, find out the reason for these sleep disorders and provide multiple treatments to enhance sleep efficiency and quality. The center has two examination rooms, each offering a private space and two sleep testers to provide the best care for the sleep health of the public.