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Taipei City Hospital


Protect Our Children with Open Arms, Let Them Grow Up At Ease

       Growing children need the protection of adults, showing the children through intent and action that they can grow up at ease. We share the following intentions with all adults and children, hoping to provide children with a peaceful upbringing under the protection of the adults.

1. Be attentive: everyone has a child inside, join the children in their world

     Spend time with them. Put aside your worldly troubles and spend time with children with the purest love. The best way to be close with children is sincerity.

2. Patience: be firm and steady

     A child’s mood can change drastically, not to put adults in a difficult situation. These are often to test whether the guardians can “remain calm, firm, and steady when facing intolerable children.

3. Concentrate: create a world that focuses on you and the child

     Let the child feel that you are spending quality time together through games, reading, and talking.

4. Kindness: be kind and do as much as you can
      Spend time with the child and show kindness from your heart. Do not demonize the child’s behavior, know your own limits. Within your limits, be mindful of how you interact with the child. Try to remain steady, do your best.

5. Sincerity: keep persistence at the forefront of your mind and behavior of never giving up

     Spending time with children is a process of trial and error. There are no right answers. The most important thing is your mindset and behavior to willingly maintain the relationship.