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Chinese Medicine Provides Solution Towards Uterine Myoma

       It is known that more than 50% of women at childbearing age experience this problem. The reasons for such occurrence are related to estrogen. Symptoms include large menstrual blood flow, menstrual pain, or tenderness in the lower abdomen. Symptoms can also be less apparent for some people, until they are infertile or experiencing miscarriage. In Western medicine, hormone therapy is used. Some people will experience menopausal-like side effects or may require surgical excision. Chinese medicine offers an alternative for females who find surgery less acceptable.

       Dr. Hsieh Hsu-Tung has pointed out that the uterine myoma is considered as “blood stasis”, “abdominal mass”, “accumulation”, “Shih chia” and other names in Chinese medicine. Different Chinese medicine treatments are required during the menstrual cycle or non-menstrual cycle. The treatment during the menstrual cycle is to prevent blood stasis by avoiding excessive menstrual blood production or shorten the prolonged menstrual period duration. The non-menstrual cycle treatment is to soften and dissolve the accumulation by aiming to reduce the size of the myoma. If the patient is hoping to conceive, it is necessary to reduce the size of the myoma prior to using medications to promote fertility.

       The “Cinnamon & Heolen Formula Tablet” is aimed to reduce uterine myoma by resolving blood stasis. This formula enables vasodilation, promoting uterine blood circulation. This not only helps to minimize the myoma by metabolism, but it also allows the reestablishment of the endometrium. This formula was made in the old days and could also be used by pregnant women for tocolysis. However, safety and efficacy can only be achieved under proper doctor’s recommendation.

Dr. Hsieh Hsu-Tung would also like to remind you of the following as lifestyle advice:

1. In terms of diet: avoid consuming food containing excessive estrogen, for instance Soy isoflavones health food, evening primrose oil, royal jelly, crab yellow, shrimp eggs, and so forth. Don’t be too concerned with the occasional soya bean product or yam. Another point to take is to reduce the environmental stimulus towards estrogen, such as using fewer plastic products, perfumes, essences and others.

2. Weight loss: when the body is more obese, there will be excessive fat cells that result in higher estrogen concentration and uterine myoma. Acupuncture points around the abdominal area can be massaged to assist with fat reduction, for instance Tianshu, Suifen, Kuanyuan and so forth.

3. Massing Baihui Point: if the myoma results in excessive menstrual blood, then hair around the Baihui Point can be clipped during sleep using a hair pin to reduce the amount. This shall also alleviate the concern of anemia.