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Metal Collar Causing Penis Clamping

        Dr. Ke-Ming Ren from the Urology Department of the Taipei City Hospital’s Zhongxing Branch pointed out the case of a male patient he diagnosed and treated a few days ago. This patient went to the Emergency Department with the chief complaint of penis swelling and pain over the previous 2 days. According to the patient’s statement, 2 days ago, for entertainment, he inserted a metal collar at the base of penis and scrotum to masturbate. He fell asleep without removing the clamp, found his penis and scrotum swelling the next morning, and as a consequence, was unable to remove the clamp. As he could not think of a proper solution and did not experience intense pain, so the clamp was left where it was. However, due to progressive pain and penis swelling, he was left with no choice but to go to the Emergency Department for help.

       The clamp with diameter 5cm, width 1.5cm and thickness 0.2cm was situated at the base of the penis and scrotum for over 48 hours. As a result of clamping, the penis and scrotum were dark purple and bulging in appearance. Urologists were consulted by the Emergency doctors for removing the clamp. After packing ice locally to reduce swelling and placing a protective layer around the skin of the penis, a metal cutter was inserted; the loop was successfully cut and removed. Subsequent to the removal, an improvement was seen in the swelling.

       Clamping of the penis may cause a variable degree of blood vessel obstruction. In mild cases, post-decompression, recovery of the obstruction can be seen. Penis tissue necrosis may result in severe cases. The duration of clamping is the main factor. It is essential to seek prompt and early medical advice and treatment.