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Taipei City Hospital


Hospital stay for dental treatment in Ren-Ai

        A primary school 5th year girl, aged 11 years old, came to Taipei City Hospital Ren-Ai Branch under the company of her grandmother, as her right upper baby teeth showed no sign of wobbling despite her upper left permanent tooth already starting to grow.

       The girl had previously had a tooth root tip X-ray taken at another clinic, and the dentist there suspected she may have multiple teeth in one alveolar socket and recommended for her to be referred to a hospital for subsequent treatment. Teeth replacement in kids usually occurs in a bilateral symmetric fashion. If the permanent teeth in one side have already grown out for a period of time, while no sign of growth is seen in the other side with no wobbling of the baby tooth, it is recommended to do a panoramic X-ray of the mouth. After a panoramic X-ray was done in the Ren-Ai Hospital, the dentist suspects it of being a tooth tumor rather than multiple teeth.

       Chief Ji-Shin Lai of the Oral Medicine Department mentioned, due to the consideration of the patient age and surgical location, recommend the patient be admitted into hospital and carry out complete anesthesia for a tooth tumor extraction surgery. After the extraction of the baby tooth, a lateral incisor crown axial anomaly was observed, indicating the tooth was unable to grow naturally. Correction steel wire was tied to the crown to help future traction growth. The patient was discharged the next day after operation, returned 1 week later for wound inspection and stitch removal. The wound healed well and she continues with the outpatient dental clinic for follow up treatment and adjustment of her permanent teeth.