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Pharmacists Make Home Visits in the Communities

Faced with an ageing society, all branches of Taipei City Hospital are entering the communities and providing household pharmaceutical care services to those high-risk patients on medication and elders living alone or vulnerable populations in need of care. The pharmacists from Taipei City Hospital make home visits and provide medication instruction, drug information and suggestions on drug storage. The integrated assessment of cloud medication history inquiry is also available to check repeated medication and interactions, so as to guarantee medication safety. Chen Li-qi, director of the Department of Pharmacy, points out that the project has completed 1,162 cases (1,667 visits) up to December 15. The overall satisfaction reaches 90.3%, and 62.6% of the patients hope the pharmacists will provide home services again.

Liang Ya-Hui, chief pharmacist of the Department of Pharmacy in the Heping Fuyou Branch of Taipei City Hospital, forms the visit group together with members from the branch’s medical teams and health centers to make frequent home visits. An elderly woman in her seventies with the surname Cai in Daan District looks after her father, husband and daughter on her own. Her father, 91 years old, has been sick with dementia for years; her bedridden husband, 92 years old, also suffers from dementia; and her daughter, 45 years old, is intellectually and mentally handicapped. Mrs. Cai herself has depression, and the long-term care of her family exhausts her mentally and physically. The visit group has provided physical examinations, organized the drugs for the whole family’s use, made available the drug information and medication instructions and helped the whole family to carry out follow-up treatments at the Heping Fuyou Branch. The whole family can now use medications correctly in accordance with the prescriptions. The visit group has become an important source of mental support for Mrs. Cai.

Taipei City Hospital will continue to go into the communities and provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to Taipei citizens so as to increase the public’s attention and awareness of long-term care and establish the long-term pharmaceutical service network jointly. Those in need of home visit service can consult the pharmacy department at any branch of Taipei City Hospital or consult Ms. Wang at 02-2555-3000, ext. 2788.