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How to Encourage Breastfeeding? Analysis on Critical Impacts Before and After Giving Birth

       The benefits of breastfeeding have been receiving greater emphasis over the recent years. Active materials in breast milk are able to increase babies’ immunity and lower the risk of incurring allergies later on. Moreover, the probiotics in break milk can also give babies great intestinal microflora. Nevertheless, it is interesting to find that breastfeeding has become a main source of stress, or even despicable nightmares, for many moms after delivery.

       To ameliorate the initial struggles of breastfeeding after delivery and to encourage moms to breastfeed, providing comprehensive information before delivery is a key step in addition to promoting the benefits of breastmilk. Before giving birth, expecting mothers can first communicate their willingness to breastfeed with their family members and possible scenarios that they will be facing. In addition to moms’ own willingness, support from the husbands and other family members are also crucial factors to successful breastfeeding.

       On the other hand, breastfeeding-related health education and practices shall also begin before delivery; expecting mothers usually have more time to collect the information during pregnancy. This way, they will not feel so overwhelmed when facing abrupt changes in lifestyle after delivery. In addition, expecting mothers can also evaluate their postpartum lifestyle and working schedule to determine the most suitable breastfeeding routine.

       Even though humans are considered the most intelligent species, it is amusing to see that we are the only mammals who need to be taught how to breastfeed. Maybe too many glamorized ads and marketing campaigns have given expecting moms the false image of a more beautified world after delivery, which then lead to their disappointment during postpartum life. Or maybe the overabundance of information and overthinking have pulled us away from our biological instincts.   

       Actually, breastfeeding is not so complicated at all, and not as scary as told in urban myth. As long as we are able to build a rigorous system with related knowledge and support and have enough understanding of the conditions moms will be facing when breastfeeding after giving birth, it is possible to shorten the initial struggling period of breastfeeding for new moms.