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Juvenile Periodontal Disease You Must Know (Invasive Periodontitis)

Dr. Yin Hui-Chun specializing in periodontal disease at Taipei City Hospital-Renai Branch warns the prevalence of juvenile periodontal disease in Taiwan is 10 times that of European countries and the United States.

       According to data released at a press conference held by the Department of Dentistry, Taipei City Hospital-Renai Branch on the 26th, despite the low prevalence rate of juvenile periodontal disease in Taiwan, it is 10 times that of European countries and the United States. The existing clinical evidence and differences in physiological characteristics are warning signs that the severity rate of invasive periodontitis may become more severe.

       Dentist Yin Hui-Chun from Taipei City Hospital-Renai Branch cites an example of a 23-year-old university student who sought treatment because of recurrent gum swelling and pain and bleeding while brushing her teeth. The female student was young, but the gum tissues were swollen and bleeding with extensive loss and destruction of alveolar bone around the teeth, as shown in an x-ray. The student was healthy without blood sugar or immune disease related problems, but her mother who had been diagnosed with periodontal disease reminded her to seek medical attention. Dentist Yin Hui-Chun said the above case was found to be juvenile periodontal disease (or invasive periodontal disease). This serves as a reminder for the general public that not only the elderly are prone to periodontal disease with loose and shaky teeth, and that young people should also pay extra attention.

       In addition to thoroughly removing pathogenic stones and bacteria, antibiotic administration throughout the course of treatment may be conjunctively applied. Frequent clinic follow-up revisits are also needed, which usually help achieve proper disease control.

       On the other hand, for patients with juvenile periodontitis, since the disease is a family clustered disease, Dentist Yin Hui-Chun also calls to all to pay attention to the gum status of their family for early prevention and treatment.