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How Do You Deal with Insomnia? Chinese Herbal Ganyu Tea Will Be Able to Help

       Taipei City Hospital’s instant drink Ganyu Tea is made based on one of the most famous Chinese medicines, Xiao-yao Powder, which has been well-known for its calming effects since the ancient times. “Xiao-yao” means carefree in Chinese, and the Xiao-yao Powder thereby aims to yield a carefree and relaxing mind. Ganyu Tea uses Xiao-yao as its base and is added with rehmannia root to boost energy and invigorate blood circulation, thinleaf milkwort root to bring forth a calm and concentrated mind, and creeping liriope to nourish yin and make the mind tranquil. For people who are having a hard time sleeping, those with poor sleep quality, or people who are light sleepers due to nerves, anxiety, having a busy lifestyle, experiencing mood swings or high level of stress, Guanyu Tea will also provide excellent therapeutic results. Take one packet every night after dinner to help you relax and will naturally induce drowsiness, so that you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

       Doctor Hsieh Hsu-tung at the Department of Chinese Medicine of Taipei City Hospital, Renai Branch suggested that changes in lifestyle need to be incorporated with medical treatments to effectively cure insomnia:

  1. Routine healthy lifestyle: Follow the habit of going to bed every night around the same time. If the sleeping time varies due to personal obligations, the instability shall not exceed 1 week; otherwise it would be extremely difficult to adjust back to the routine. 
  2. Exercise to have more quality sleep: Exercise during the day will bring quality sleep at night. Take some time to exercise before or after work, but remember to not over-exercise two hours before sleep. Working out will not only release your stress, it will also improve circulation. Sitting in front of the computer all day will never bring you a restful sleep.

       Ear acupuncture points massage: Massage ear acupuncture points before bedtime will also help you sleep well at night. Massage acupuncture points – shenmen, xinqu, and zhenqu on your right and left ears for 5 minutes at each point. For even better massage results, you can also put on acupuncture point stickers at these spots.