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Taipei City Hospital


Chinese medicine extended daytime cancer care: Let us become your cancer-fighting partner

       Linsen Chinese Medicine Kunming Branch, Taipei City Hospital is a Chinese medicine teaching hospital that integrates Chinese and Western medicine to treat cancer patients. On top of actively increasing the treatment quality of caner patients, five Chinese and Western medicine dual-licensed attending physicians have formed a team to provide integrated medical services. With the support of the National Health Insurance Administration and the hospital, the cross-disciplinary team lead by Chinese medicine can provide cancer patients with the best treatment and care possible.

       Director Liu, Chia-Yu     of Linsen Chinese Medicine Kunming Branch, Taipei City Hospital expressed that if patients suffer from discomfort or side effects during their cancer treatment, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and massages can be provided according to the patients’ condition or treatment phase to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. It can also decrease the burden of emergency room costs due to sudden pain, thus increasing the quality of life and treatment completion rate of the cancer patients.

      Mrs. Chen has stage III lung cancer. She suffered from systemic pain, chest tightness, and fatigue after receiving chemotherapy since last November. The discomforts were greatly reduced through acupuncture, massage, and the meticulous care of the nurses, increasing her confidence towards fighting cancer.

      Mrs. Chang has stage III breast caner. She suffered from pain/numbness in all four limbs and fatigue after receiving chemotherapy since last December. The symptoms were alleviated through acupuncture, Chinese herbal treatment, and nourishing exercise, which helped her complete the standard cancer treatment cycle.

     Other than the care of Chinese/Western medicine doctors, nurses provide nursing education, nutritionists focus on the nutrition consultation of immunity adjustment, pharmacists educate Chinese and Western medicine interactions, and volunteers share experiences to provide cancer patients with integrated treatment and care of the body, mind, and spirit. We hope the patients can smoothly complete their treatment cycles and return to a normal life with haste.