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The weather forecast not only predicts the weather, but also your mood!

      The weather is an important indicator that can predict our mood for the day. How can the weather affect our mood? Let’s take a look at our mood through the weather!

1. Temperature:
      Temperature is one of the important factors that can affect our mood. Especially in cold winters, our body’s immune system works hard to keep our body warm. This means that our body has limited energy in the winter. Most of the energy is spent on dealing with the effects of cold temperature; our body are unable to effectively defend against viral and bacterial attacks, so we are more likely to get sick in the winter.

2. Rain:
      The rain can affect our way of life and also affect our mood. For example, the rain decreases our desire to go outside as well as decreases our chances for social interactions, which is an effective anti-depressant. This type of negative mood is more obvious on cold and raining days!

3. Sunlight:
      In truth, “sunlight” has the most influence on our mood in the winter! Sunlight can stop the brain from producing melatonin (also known is the sleep hormone), making us more alert, awake, and energetic. The absorption of sunlight can make the brain produce serotonin to improve neurotransmission. Serotonin is also known as the “feel good hormone”, used in many anti-depressants. Therefore, “sunlight” is actually the indicator of our mood in the winter! Stay out in the sun more!

      Regardless of how the weather directly or indirectly affects our mood, think about your mood the next time you watch the weather forecast!