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Abdominal Acupuncture Is Truly Effective in Treating Chronic Lumbago

Lin Zai-yu, attending doctor of the Department of Chinese Medicine in Zhongxing Branch of Taipei City Hospital, points out that the lumbago symptom is usually caused by the lumbar vertebral osteophyte and spondylolisthesis. The lumbar vertebral osteophyte is the tissue proliferation caused by long-term lumbar friction. When too much proliferation of the lumbar vertebral osteophyte oppresses the nerves, sciatica, lower limb soreness, etc. will result. Spondylolisthesis means that the lumbar vertebra of upper segment slips forward along the lower segment of lumbar vertebra, thus stimulating the peripheral tissues and nerves and causing the pain.

Lin Zai-Yu says that the proper acupuncture treatment on the abdominal acupoints can improve the lumbago symptoms according to Chinese medicine viewpoints. The abdominal acupuncture therapy is easy and safe and won’t increase the burden on the liver and kidney, with only slight pain. The effect of abdominal acupuncture lasts longer than that of traditional lumbar acupuncture. It requires only one treatment a week.

Dr. Lin gives several tips on how to improve lumbago in daily life.
1.  Lie flat on the ground in case of serious lumbago, bend both knees and place the lower legs on a chair or a pile of pillows, so as to make the lumbar region flat and relieve the strain and tension of the waist.

2.  When the waist just begins hurting, alleviate the waist pain and swelling with ice compress, 10-15 minutes every hour. Use the hot compress bag and hot towel 2 days later, as the heat can promote the blood circulation of the waist and improve the lumbago.

3.  Sit on a high-backed chair and stay close to the chair back to keep the upper body straight.

4.  If the pain affects the sleeping, put some pillows below the knees when sleeping on the back. Bend the knees and put a pillow between legs when sleeping on the side.

5.  Avoid twisting the body or any other movements that may aggravate the lumbago.