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The Woes of Abuse - Keep Away from Fear, Start From the Heart

       There is another heartbreaking report of child abuse on the news recently. A four-month-old baby was abused by his parents, he suffered from external wounds as well as bone fractures. What is child abuse? Why do adults abuse children? What effects do the abused children have? What kind of help can professionals provide?

       Abused children are clearly not raised the same way. The parents intentionally do repeated harm to the children, including physical abuse (beating, burning, dropping), sexual abuse (incest, molestation, rape), psychological abuse (indifference, intimidation, scolding, disdain, threatening), negligence (improper care for the children's food, nutrition, health, education), and abandonment.

       Children are unlikely to describe the details of their abuse to others. When the abuse is discovered or reported, they have already suffered prolonged major physiological and psychological trauma. In addition to their physical harm, they show severe emotional stress and trauma responses.

1. Emotion: anxiety, fear, indifference, guilt, confusion;

2 Behavior: withdrawal, repression, dependence, submission, alcoholism, drug use, temperamental;

3. Thinking: pessimism, low self-esteem, self-condemning, self-wounding, self-loathing;

4. Psychological disorder: absent-mindedness, anxiety;

5. Show attachment and recognition towards the abuser.

       Everyone can do their part to stop child abuse and family abuse. When you suspect a child or neighbor is being abused, call the police or child welfare agencies. This small gesture can save more children and victims of abuse from pain and suffering!