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Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation

Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation and Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin’s Call for People with a Waist Circumference Over 100cm to Wiggle Their Hips Together to Celebrate the Centenary of the Republic of China Provided by Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation According to the waist circumference data collected by 2010 Community Health Station hosted by Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation, almost 40% of Taiwanese people have an excessive waist circumference. As a result, occurrences of metabolic syndrome and derivative strokes as well as diabetes have subsequently increased. In order to help people avoid metabolic syndrome, the Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation and Good Neighbor Foundation jointly invite the health departments of all cities and counties to take part in their Community Health Station. This provides services measuring blood pressure and waist circumference at 7-ELEVEN and COSMED chain stores, promoting the concept of metabolic syndrome prevention in communities. In the kick-off press conference on June 10, Taipei Mayor, Hau Lung-bin, who had been concerned about citizens’ health for many years and spared no effort to promote health policy, made a presentation, along with Mr. Lin Chi-hung, the commissioner of Department of Health, Taipei City Government in response to this activity. They came forward with Mr. Lin Tsang-sheng, chief executive officer of Uni-President Group, Ms. Lucy Sun Hwang, president of Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation, Mr. Hsieh Chien-nan, vice general manager and director of operations of Uni-President Group, Mr. Kao Min-hang, general manager of COSMED to have their blood pressure checked and waists measured. They also danced to Vigorous Waist Loss with OPEN-CHAN, the spokesperson for the Community Health Station. Finally, they called on all citizens to work with waist excise. Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-Bin fired the starting gun for the hot competition participated by 100 persons with waist circumferences over 100 cm who were in urgent need of waist loss, encouraging citizens to achieve the aim of healthy waists within 80 or 90cm during the Republic of China’s centenary year. Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-bin said that in order to respond to the new health policy for the Republic of China’s centenary year, the Taipei City Government would spare no effort to construct a healthy Taipei City. He hoped that all citizens would actively participate in the meaningful activity of Community Healthy Station, which was jointly hosted by Department of Health, Taipei City Government, Taipei City Hospital and the Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation, to get away from metabolic syndrome through simple measurements of waist circumference and blood pressure. Mr. Lin Tsang-sheng, the special consultant of the Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation and the chief executive officer of Uni-President Group, expressed that Uni-President Group had long been dedicated to the business of food and retail channels which were closely related to people’s food, drink and health; In order to provide people with the right health education knowledge, as well as to improve their dietary habits through Community Health Station, and then to prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, such as metabolic syndrome and to improve people’s health, thus, Uni-President Group had integrated the company’s resources, set up Community Health Stations in 7-ELEVEN and COSMED chain stores, marched into communities and provided 24 hour, convenient health services. Also, Ms. Lucy Sun Hwang, president of the Taiwan Millennium Health Foundation, said that since the Community Health Station first became available, the total number of citizens participating in two activities came to almost 20,000. The third activity will be scaled up even further. The number of chain stores, nurses and volunteers involved in the Community Health Stations will be doubled at least, with the time period being extended to three weekends. The aim third time around will be to call on 40,000 persons to take part in the activity, expecting to serve more community residents, making the prevention of metabolic syndrome a national effort through the local resources of 7-ELEVEN and COSMED chain stores.