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Beyond Centennial: Moving toward the New Medical Era

Taipei City Hospital’s 2011 Excellent Doctor Recognition Assembly On November 11, the day before Doctor’s Day, Taipei City Hospital presented a relaxing music concert performed for our busy doctors by the Le-Fang Chamber Orchestra. Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-Bin also joined us to praise the twenty-two excellent doctors and six academically outstanding award winners. Mayor Hau expressed the appreciation of the city’s residents to Taipei City Hospital for their outstanding work and he wished the hospital to advance further. After overall medical environment renovation and organizational reform, Taipei City Hospital is now seven years old and still growing from its solid foundation. We are proud that our Renai and Heping Fuyou Branches have just being rated excellent in the hospital ratings. The Human Subject Committee of the Teaching and Research Department will also receive a certificate from the Forum for Ethical Review Committees in the Asian and Western Pacific Region (FERCAP) in Korea and join the organization. All these pieces of good news are the fruit of our medical as well as our administrative staff’s efforts. These achievements show that the hospital is advancing steadily and has won public approval. Among all the doctors praised in this year’s assembly, Dr. Li Shou-hsing from Cardiovascular Medicine at the Zhongxing Branch has accumulated more than 35 years of service and is the most senior doctor praised in the assembly. Devoted to his job, Dr. Li has been an administrative manager in the hospital for many years. He observes discipline and integrity and is the best role model for all the colleagues. Dr Lin Chih-lin from Gastroenterology at Renai Branch took good care of residents and conducted numerous research projects funded by the National Science Council and published in major science periodicals. Dr. Kao Mu-jung from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Yangming Branch is involved in promoting the Community Rehabilitation Program commissioned by the Department of Health, Taipei City Government. Having served more than 400,000 people between 2006 and August 2011, this program is very successful. Dedicated to palliative care, Dr. Chen Shu-ting from the Zhongxiao Branch has been involved in the establishment a palliative care ward that provides terminal patients with humanized medical care. Being a committee member and seeded teacher of Maternal and Infant Certification Committee of the Bureau of Health Promotion, Dr. Chiang Li-meng from Obstetrics and Gynecology at Heping Fuyou Branch has been working on promoting maternal and infant healthcare as well as disseminating gender education for the next generation and mother and infant healthcare knowledge. Dr. Chen Chun-tse from the Department of Psychiatrics at the Songde Branch is a serious and knowledgeable teacher. Being very active in psychotherapy planning, Dr. Chen has achieved impressive results. In this recognition assembly, Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-Bin, together with the Commissioner of the Department of Health, Taipei City Government, Lin Chi-Hung, Superintendent of Taipei City Hospital, Chang Sun-Yran, and our new excellent doctors, announced that the goal for the hospital is to progress into the new medical era. We hope that all the doctors, with their mission and belief, can safe guard our health, without being interrupted by changes in the external environment. So let’s work together to create a new medical value for Taipei City Hospital.