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Taipei City Hospital Celebrates the 101st Nurses’ Day and Excellent Personnel Commending Assembly

       To celebrate International Nurses Day (May 12th), Zhongxiao Branch of Taipei City Hospital held celebrations in conjunction with the Excellent Personnel Commending Assembly, praising a total of 36 nurses and ward assistants among all of the branches.

      The nurses of Taipei City Hospital uphold the mission of providing quality care in the nursing department and serving the communities, in supplying patient-centered, active assistance and care. Among those who have been praised this year, Wu Ruijuan, a nurse in Heping Fuyou Branch, not only has sufficient nursing knowledge, but also actively assists in taking care of critically ill patients and identify the problems of the patients at an early stage; thus, she is deeply thanked and appreciated by both patients and their family members.

      Zeng Meiling, a nurse in Zhongxing Branch, is responsible and conscientious, spares no effort to serve patients, considers the service requirements of the patients in their position, and often communicates with patients professionally with a smile on her face, fully fulfilling the function of nursing to help relieve the discomfort of patients, and is frequently commended and approved by patients and their family members. 

      Li Changda, ward assistant in Yangming Branch, works earnestly, has an excellent service attitude, and is widely acclaimed and admired by medical teams and family members for politeness and great enthusiasm. 

      The performance of these and many more excellent personnel fully shows the service spirit and the work attitude of the clinical staff of Taipei City Hospital.

      In recent years, against the serious shortage of nursing staff in Taiwan, besides being committed to enhancing the professional image of nurses, and in clinical care, in addition to continuing to arrange assistants in general wards, Taipei City Hospital has also increased assistant numbers in TSCU and adjusted the staff-bed ratio this year to relieve the stress of the nurses by reducing their work load, in order to improve the care quality and build a positive and friendly working environment.

      We hereby express our gratitude to and encouragement for all nurses again through this warm and meaningful celebration.

    Beautiful white angels, thank you for your hard work!