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The Centennial Celebration of the International Nurse Day and the Commendation for Outstanding Members of Staff

The Department of nursing, Taipei City Hospital held “The Nurse Day Celebration and the Commendation of Outstanding Members of Staff” on May 11 at the Ying Kun Lecture Hall of Songde Branch of Taipei City Hospital to celebrate the International Nurse Day on May 12. Trophies and money prizes were given to honor 37 outstanding nursing staff from all branches of the hospital. In addition, a dance competition was held at the celebration, and many photos and heart-warming articles selected from a competition were exhibited, too. Wang Tsu-chi, Director of the Department of Nursing, stated that nursing staff at Taipei City Hospital have been proactively given patient-oriented cares and assistance in adherence to the mission statement: providing excellent patient care and serving the community. Nurse Lin Yu-cheng from Heping Fuyou Branch is one of the members of staff honored at the commendation. She possesses profuse nursing knowledge that enables her to detect patients’ problems early. She is also the member of the medical team that proactively offers assistance to patients and seeks appropriate resources for them. In August 2009, she took care of a 45 y.o. patient Lin, who was hospitalized due to a stroke. While taking care of the patient, she also patiently spent time to use simple words to teach the two kids of the patients, who were at elementary school, about ways to help their father rehabilitate. After discovering that the patient may suffer from financial difficulties, she asked the doctors to seek for assistance from the social service office. Her efforts moved the patient and the family members so much that they expressed their gratitude to her again and again. In October 2010, Huang, a 35 y.o. patient was hospitalized due to a severe head injury with a Glasgow Coma Scale of 4 and unstable vital signs. Eventually, the patient was determined to be brain dead. After various interviews, Ms. Lin discovered that the patient’s sister was a Tzuchi volunteer who often comes to the hospital to help patients. So Ms. Lin decided to contact Ms. Huang to raise the possibility of organ donation after offering Ms. Huang plenty of explanation and sufficient psychological support. Ms. Huang discussed this issue with other family members, and they decided to transform their sorrow into philanthropy. They may lose their brother Mr. Huang, but they can do their best to save other patients who need organs, which can be a way to remember their brother. Consequently, the patient donated the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas and saved the life of five patients. With help from the medical team, Mr. Huang’s mother peacefully carried out the funeral for him and went to the hospital to express her appreciation to Ms. Lin Head nurse Ye Su-fan of Heping Fuyou Branch is well-known for her hard-working, excellent service attitude, and high-working efficiency. She is a great leader and possesses bountiful professional knowledge. Moreover, she has won lots of appreciation and positive feedback from the medical team and families of her patients. Ms. Ye has participated in establishing Taiwan’s first breast milk bank to benefit infants with needs and to promote breast feeding. The breast milk bank has won Britain's breast milk certificate and become the first internationally certified breast milk bank with SNG national quality award in Asia. In January 2011, while ward assistant Hsu Pi-yu of Yangming Branch was assisting a patient to get up from bed to go to rehabilitation, she realized that the patient looked pale and showed no response when she called the name of the patient. Hsu immediately applied what she had been taught—the call, call, C, A, B procedure—in this case. Nursing staffs came immediately after hearing her calling for help and sent the patient for emergency treatment. Thanks to Ms. Hsu’s appropriate handling that the patient’s life was saved. The excellent performances of our outstanding staff go to demonstrate Taipei City Hospital nursing staff’s service spirit and professional attitude. We used this heart warming and meaningful celebration for the International Nurse Day to express our gratefulness and to encourage these outstanding members of the nursing staff.