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Laboratory Medicine

Training period:

3 months; it can be modified as required

Training contents:

  • General laboratory technology
    >Hematology and blood bank
    >Serology and immunology
    >Microbiology and parasitology
    >TB( tuberculosis) test and venereal disease test
    >Molecular diagnosis
  • Clinical training in general medical laboratory
    >Laboratory information system
    >Quality management system
    >Specimen handling, testing and reporting
    >Clinical microscopy training
    (urine sediment, body fluids, sputum, stool parasites, etc.)
    >Emergency laboratory tests
    >Critical value reporting
    >Corrective actions and preventive actions
    >Case discussion
  • Blood Bank training
    >Blood typing, cross matching & antibody screening
    >Blood components transfusion
    >Transfusion reactions
    >Blood donation center (2 weeks)
  • Clinical hematology training
    >Making and staining of blood smears
    >The interpretation of blood smears
    >Differential diagnosis of common hematologic disorders
  • Clinical hematology training
    >Biochemistry auto-analyzers
    >Quality control and proficiency testing
    >Interpretation of laboratory data
    >Laboratory data validation and reporting
  • Clinical serology and immunology training
    >Hepatitis markers
    >Tumor markers
    >Allergies test
  • Clinical Microbiology training
    >Culture (blood, urine, body fluids, sputum..)
    >Gram stain, Acid fast stain, …etc.
    >Drug Sensitivity test
  • Venereal diseases laboratory
    >HIV serum test
    >CD4/CD8 flow cytometry
    >Syphilis test
    >Molecular diagnosis
  • Tuberculosis Laboratory
    >Sputum acid fast staining and interpretation
    >Tuberculosis culture and identification
    >Molecular diagnosis
General laboratory technology Clinical training in general medical laboratory