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Taipei City Hospital


NO.TitlePublish Date
61Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine for Treating Cancer Can Improve the Living Quality of Cancer Patients and Alleviate Discomforts during the Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Periods2015-04-13
62Can hot spring stop itching and treat skin disease? Beware, as it could get worse2015-03-30
63Pulmonary embolism: Cancer patient’s acute cardiovascular disease2015-03-23
64How to pick the right health check for early detection of lung cancer2015-03-16
65Taipei City Hospital initiates2015-03-09
66Taipei City Hospital is Establishing “Urban Community Hospice Care Service”2015-03-02
67Refrain from overeating during year-end dinners: tips for taking care of your stomach and intestines2015-02-16
68A Lifetime of Homework: Chronic Angle-closure Glaucoma2015-02-09
69Not sleeping well? Beware! You may have “Sleep Apnea”2015-02-02
70Having abnormal hearing recently? Beware, it may be acoustic neuroma!2015-01-26
71Taipei City Hospital Launches the Ready-to-drink Zhi’ai Decoction Special for Dementia Patients2015-01-19
72Say No to Poor Diet and Say Yes to Exercise Habit to Effectively Control Diabetes2015-01-12
73Have You Noticed Hand Numbness and Shoulder Soreness That Are Symptoms of Bony Spur?2015-01-05
74Treating Transient Ischemic Attack: from Drugs to Surgery2014-12-29
75Drug Prevention during the Year-end Holiday Season2014-12-22
76How to Treat and Prevent Paronychia? Improper Cutting Is Forbidden!2014-12-15
77Rapid and Convenient Wisdom Tooth Removal2014-12-08
78A Healthy Diet to Prevent Metabolic Syndromes2014-12-01
79High Blood Sugar Causes Involuntary Movement2014-11-24
80Myocardial Infarction: The Silent Killer2014-11-17