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Taipei City Hospital


NO.TitlePublish Date
61Vertigo should be Treated Early2015-06-01
62Unbearable Pain in the Brain: Migraine!2015-05-25
63Early Detection of Foot Lesions in Diabetic Patients2015-05-18
64TCM Small-needle-knife has Good Therapeutic Effect in Treating Trigger Finger Disorders2015-05-11
65The Easily Misunderstood Fibromyalgia2015-05-04
66Diabetic Foot Healthcare for Hemodialysis Patients2015-04-27
67Cold? Asthma? Dyspnea? Beware of Valvular Heart Disease2015-04-20
68Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine for Treating Cancer Can Improve the Living Quality of Cancer Patients and Alleviate Discomforts during the Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Periods2015-04-13
69Can hot spring stop itching and treat skin disease? Beware, as it could get worse2015-03-30
70Pulmonary embolism: Cancer patient’s acute cardiovascular disease2015-03-23
71How to pick the right health check for early detection of lung cancer2015-03-16
72Taipei City Hospital initiates2015-03-09
73Taipei City Hospital is Establishing “Urban Community Hospice Care Service”2015-03-02
74Refrain from overeating during year-end dinners: tips for taking care of your stomach and intestines2015-02-16
75A Lifetime of Homework: Chronic Angle-closure Glaucoma2015-02-09
76Not sleeping well? Beware! You may have “Sleep Apnea”2015-02-02
77Having abnormal hearing recently? Beware, it may be acoustic neuroma!2015-01-26
78Taipei City Hospital Launches the Ready-to-drink Zhi’ai Decoction Special for Dementia Patients2015-01-19
79Say No to Poor Diet and Say Yes to Exercise Habit to Effectively Control Diabetes2015-01-12
80Have You Noticed Hand Numbness and Shoulder Soreness That Are Symptoms of Bony Spur?2015-01-05