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Taipei City Hospital


NO.TitlePublish Date
41Taking Sleeping Pills Correctly to Improve Sleep Quality2015-12-21
42A Sugar-apple Seed Caused Non-stop Coughing in a Young Child 2015-12-14
43Abdominal Acupuncture Is Truly Effective in Treating Chronic Lumbago2015-12-07
44Is Long-term Fatigue Caused by Endocrine Disorders? 2015-11-30
45Mammography Vehicles Safeguard Public Health 2015-11-23
46Each Family Should Make Friends with a Doctor2015-11-16
47Pus Discharging from the Gums Fistula May Suggest Dental Cyst2015-11-09
48Seize the Best Opportunity for Treating Anorexia2015-11-02
49An Elderly with Diabetes Nearly Died from Late Treatment2015-10-26
50Say Goodbye to Urinary Calculi2015-10-19
51Sufficient Dialysis and Phosphate-controlled Diet Are the Best Care for Renal Osteodystrophy 2015-10-12
52Gingival Bleeding, Purpura and Subcutaneous Hemorrhage may be caused by Blood Platelet Disorders 2015-10-05
53Oral Health for School Children2015-09-21
54Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Can Lead to Gait Instability, Dementia and Urinary Incontinence2015-09-14
55Sleep Disorder2015-09-07
56Operation for Prolapse of Uterus Preserves Uterus and Shows Good Therapeutic Effect2015-08-31
57PharmaCloud System: A New Weapon Guarding Medication Safety for the Public2015-08-24
58Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): An Alternative for Public Hospitals to Treat Degenerative Arthritis2015-08-17
59Chronic Cough Should Be Treated Timely!2015-08-10
60We Owe the Decade’s Achievements of the Human Milk Bank to Your Love and Participation!2015-08-03