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NO.TitlePublish Date
41Diabetes Can Occur in Young People Too2016-03-28
42Stubborn Black Spots: Extrinsic Discoloration of Baby Teeth2016-03-21
43Be Cautious of Vaginitis in the Cold Winter2016-03-14
44Chinese Medicine Has Good Therapeutic Effects on Psoriasis, and Takes Patients Off the Use of Steroids 2016-03-07
45Is My Child Taking Drugs? 2016-02-29
46Treating Hysteromyoma with Chinese Medicine, Starting from Weight Reduction2016-02-15
47Operation for Prolapse of Uterus Preserves Uterus and Shows Good Therapeutic Effect2015-08-31
48Don’t Neglect Unknown Intraoral Plaque, as it Might Be Precancerous Lesions!2015-07-20
49Sunburn Protection in the Summer2015-07-13
50Giving up the Habit of Chewing Betel Nuts is the Key to Oral Cancer Prevention and Treatment2015-06-08
51Vertigo should be Treated Early2015-06-01
52Unbearable Pain in the Brain: Migraine!2015-05-25
53Early Detection of Foot Lesions in Diabetic Patients2015-05-18
54TCM Small-needle-knife has Good Therapeutic Effect in Treating Trigger Finger Disorders2015-05-11
55The Easily Misunderstood Fibromyalgia2015-05-04
56Diabetic Foot Healthcare for Hemodialysis Patients2015-04-27
57Cold? Asthma? Dyspnea? Beware of Valvular Heart Disease2015-04-20
58Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine for Treating Cancer Can Improve the Living Quality of Cancer Patients and Alleviate Discomforts during the Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Periods2015-04-13
59Can hot spring stop itching and treat skin disease? Beware, as it could get worse2015-03-30
60Pulmonary embolism: Cancer patient’s acute cardiovascular disease2015-03-23