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NO.TitlePublish Date
261FDA Reminds Public to Exercise Care When Purchasing Home Medical Device2010-04-29
262Three cases of indigenous dengue fever confirmed; Taiwan CDC urges public to clean water containers and stay alert2010-04-28
263The Food and Drug Administration reminds Parkinson's patients using StalevoR of important drug safety information2010-04-28
264Medical quality indexes of more diseases and search methods are new additions to NHI Medical Information Website2010-04-06
265From April 1st, Anyone Expelling or Stopping Public Breastfeeding can be fined2010-04-05
266"You can stop TB. Join us!" Taiwan CDC calls for everyone to STOP TB via 5 creative approaches2010-03-29
267An Endeared Comfort for the Unfortunate A One-stop Service for the Victim of Sexual Abuse2010-03-18
268Taipei City Hospital-Heping Branch, taking endemic prevention as its mandate, has won the 2009 Symbol of National Quality, SNQ through its establishment of the first vision protection joint project between the “Endemic Prevention Specialized Hospital” and “School Children’s Vision Protection Project”2010-03-16
269“Pharmacy on Line” streamlines prescription service in a more effective, time-saving, money-saving and dioxide carbon emission reduction /environment-friendly way2010-03-15
270Ceremony of Donation by Guan Du Temple to Cardiovascular Checkup Center, Yang Ming Branch, Taipei City Hospital2010-03-12
271New Vaccination Policy: 5-in-1 DTaP-Hib-IPV Vaccine for Infants from March 20102010-03-05
272Taipei City Hospital Outpatient Services for Lunar New Year Vacation2010-02-10