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Taipei City Hospital


How to Apply


  • Must submit application form and all required documents
  • Must get training permit from workplace or school
  • Must have personal health insurance coverage during training
  • Must have received the required immunization
  • Demonstrated fluency in English or Chinese
  • Must get financial support of tuition fee

Required Documents:

  • Copy of passport photo-page
  • Reference Letter from school or employer
  • Learning statement or foci (around 500 words)
  • Medical insurance approval (must cover emergency aids in training period)
  • Valid language ability certificate (English or Chinese)
  • Health status report (chest x-ray and hepatitis B test taken within the last 3 month of arrival)

Visiting scholars must also provide:

  • Approvals of education and working experience
  • Specialty license in English or Chinese version



  • 護照影本
  • 推薦函
  • 研習計劃(約500字)
  • 醫療保險證明(必須含包括訓練期間)
  • 效期內語文能力證明(中文或英文)


  • 學歷證明
  • 專業證照中文或英文翻譯本