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General Surgery

Introduction to the General Surgery Division

  1. Operation to the GI tract, liver, pancreas and spleen.
  2. Mini-invasion diagnosis and surgery, including laparoscopy, choledochoscopy, etc.
  3. Breast tumor screening and surgery.
  4. Thyroid disease examination and operation.
  5. Abdominal wall hernia operations, including inguinal, ventral, incisional and recurrent hernia.
  6. Blunt abdominal injury treatment.


Future Developments
  1. Develop the focus specialization of each branch, and set up main future directions.
  2. Combine the resources of each branch to allow cross-branch study.
  3. Support the setting up and administration of a trauma center.
  4. Train resident doctors in the field of general surgery, with the aim of specialization and research aboard.
  5. Upgrade the quality of teaching by encouraging academic research and degree applications.