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Otolaryngology Center

Introduction of the Division and Prospects for the future
-The Taipei City United Hospital Otolaryngology Center

When the Taipei City Hospital Otolaryngology Center was established, the aim was to integrate the original city hospital otolaryngology division with specialist feature centers for each of the hospital branches .These are as follows:

RenAi Branch: Center of Otology
Zhong-xing branch: Center of Rhinology
Hoping Branch: Vertigo Medical Center
YangMing Branch: Voice and Hearing Impairment Center
Zhong Xiao Branch: Center for head and neck surgery
Women & children Branch: Center for pediatric otolaryngology

The division offers services in otology, otoneurology, audiology and rhinology as well as head and neck surgery. It is well equipped with pure tone audiometer, impedance audiometer, evoked response audiometer, electro-nystagmograph, Zeiss microscopey flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscopy, sinoscopy, rhinomanometry, stroboscopy, rigid and flexible laryngoscopy and tracheoesophgoscopy. It has has CO2 laser, Infra-Red coagulation and radiofracquency machine.

Our division offers clinical advanced treatment using microscopic ear surgery, power assisted microdebroder endoscopic sinus surgery, management of vocal fold paresis and paralysis, multidisciplinary management of nasopharyngeal carcinoma, head and neck tumor surgery and versatile laser surgery.

These centers have top-grade professional talented personnel who provide patients with a well managed and appropriate service. In addition, we train otolaryngologists, nurses and other profession personnel. We are developing otolaryngology teaching and research in order to reach the level of a medical center.