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Department of Nursing

Introduction to Department of Nursing, Taipei City Hospital

The Taipei City Hospital was established on January 1st, 2005 by merging the ten municipal hospitals. Under the structure of the Taipei City Hospital, the departments of nursing from the original ten hospitals were also integrated into the Department of Nursing, which was to be in charge of all nursing matters.

The philosophy of the Department of Nursing is “to provide professional nursing services and protection using Holistic Health Care with love, compassion, and logical thinking, focusing on the customers in order to carry out the programs and operational standards established by the Department of Nursing” (Fig. 1.) With clinical nursing service knowledge, combined with teaching, training, and research that has a community nursing concept, the staff offers a comprehensive and continuous nursing service to Taipei citizens that aims to maintain their health.

The Department of Nursing is organized using a matrix management. In addition to the original administration management system, we have different management organizations for different administration and clinical professional functions. There are six committees including Teaching Research, Quality Management, Human Resources, Information Management, Materials Management, and Consultation and Guidance to plan and promote relevant operations. In addition, we also have Task Teams in Critical Care, Internal Medicine and Surgery, Gynecology/Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Community Nursing that oversee planning in all departments. Nursing personnel in each area participate in the committees and clinical divisions to allow comprehensive operation of the organization. This helps communication among all hospital areas and allows comments from different areas to be received in order to improve operational quality.

Each area is dedicated to the development of its unique characteristics after the merging of the Taipei City Hospital. The emphasis of the Department of Nursing is to train professional nursing personnel and enhance quality of service in order to provide citizens with better health care. This is the goal of the Department.

department of nursing

Providing professional nursing service for Holistic Health Care and Protection with love, compassion and logical thinking that is focused on the customers (Fig. 1)