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Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Taipei City Hospital

Long standing humanitian service distinguished this department from other. Although there has been no competitive expansion of facilities; nevertheless the comprehensive care of every patient is the characteristic of the department.

  1. Comprehensive care and group self help activities are continuously lead by the chief physician.
  2. Prevention and not only tertiary prevention, but also secondary and primary prevention are all very important. These include a) weight reduction clinic for the primary prevention of diabetes; b) the early detection of diabetes and prompt treatment in the community; and c) the use of intensive insulin therapy initiated in 1985 and prototype case management since 2002.
  3. Medicine and humanity
  4. A hospital without walls, which was a pioneer in community medicine
  5. Quality of care and quality of life where the EBM should not be only a guideline for professionals but also a part of the daily life
  6. Combined care and shared care whereby the team includes not only the professionals but also the families and the patients themselves.
  7. Efficacy and efficiency so that there is not only daily quality improvement but also a minimization of health expenditure