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Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery at Taipei City Hospital

A normal functioning heart and circulation is our priority

Taipei City Hospital has been the center of care for members of our community for many decades. Our goal of providing patients with quality care has remained steadfast throughout the years. These past months have brought about numerous changes and by uniting the branches of hospital throughout our city into one, The Taipei City Hospital is reaching out. It is grasping the concepts of concentrating on ever better and more advanced technology and more and better research, as well as rising to the social and economic challenges that face our resources.

Being part of this great newly regenerated medical service team, we are commited as the cardiovascular surgeons, to providing excellence in three vital missions, namely patient care, teaching and research. The aim is to prevent the cardiovascular disease and related complications, as they are still among the leading causes of death in Taiwan and throughout the world.

Cardiovascular Surgery at Taipei City Hospital provides a broad spectrum of comprehensive treatments for the heart and blood vessels. These range across treatment, diagnosis and prevention to research and education. They involve experienced surgeons who use the world’s most sophisticated technology and equipment. Our Department’s executive head is Chiang Chih-Yao M.D..

Heart Center:
Located at the RenAi Branch Hospital in the center Taipei City, the Chief of the Surgical Team is Chiang Chih Yao M.D., a well experienced surgeon who was recruited from ChiMei Medical Center and Cheng Hsin Heart Center. The Center performs all of our heart surgeries (including coronary bypass grafting [CABG{on pump and off pump}], heart valve disease{repair and replacement} and major vascular disease that require bypass machine’s assistance). The Center specializes in all vascular surgeries including carotid artery stenosis, peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD), aneurysm surgery, venous disease (varicose vein, deep vein thrombosis, etc.).

Cardiovascular Examination Center:
This is located at at RenAi Branch Hospital and this center targets preventive medicine because cardiovascular illness came remains the silent killer. This center runs complete cardiovascular physical check ups using the most sophisticated technology and the center’s disease free oriented atmosphere provide a user friendly but thorough examination of the cardiovascular system.

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