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Department of Women and Children's Health Care

About the Department of Women and Children's Health Care

Our department across the six hospital branches has 33 physicians who specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. We also operate from district health centers and within the local community practitioner network with the aim of ensuring the health of everyone in Taipei. Our mission is to provide liaison between physicians among the hospital branches, specialist referral and transfer, a good learning environment and to encourage research.

Unique characteristics of each hospital branch are

  1. Women and children hospital branch: obstetrics, high risk pregnancy, prenatal genetic diagnosis lab, female pelvic medicine and prolaps reconstruction surgery, urogynecology, sonography in obstetrics and gynecology and public health, prevention medicine
  2. Ren-Ai hospital branch: gynecological oncology, obstetrics and gynecology laboratory
  3. Chung-Hsing hospital branch: gynecological laparoscopy and chronic pelvic pain medicine
  4. Chung-Hsiao hospital branch: urogynecology
  5. Ho-Ping hospital branch: reproductive endocrinology/infertility and vulva disease medicine
  6. Yang-Ming hospital branch: menopause and osteoporosis

Our Strategy and Future Planning

GOAL1: Adopting the model “Service-Research-Teaching” to provide the best medicine

SERVICE: Offering comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology medical care and female health care while optimizing the citizen health life integrally.

TEACHING: Providing an excellent teaching environment based on specialized and humanized medical care including physicians, nurses, public health workers, paramedical colleagues, etc in the form of medical related faculty, student and resident training programs.

RESEARCH: Providing a supportive research environment not only in the field of obstetrics and gynecology but also in clinical medicine, basic medicine, preventive medicine and public health promotion

Community medical treatment is a resource that stand out as unique specialty of the city hospital. Through a network of specialist physicians and community practitioners together with convenient primary and specialty neighborhood centers across our hospital branches, we execute public health policy as well as we offer an integrated delivery system. This is provided by community practitioners and the expectant mother is given a secure delivery environment and good post delivery care. At the same time, we are improving the cost-effectiveness of health care service in the delivery room.