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Urological Center

Introduction to the Division and prospects for the future Loyally guarding the health of the citizens of Taipei  -The Urological Center of Taipei City Hospital

The urological center was founded on Feb. 16, 2005 by Professor Allen W. Chiu and Professor Shing-Hwa Lu. After the Urological Center of Taipei City Hospital was established, we integrated the urological division of the original city hospital, including five hospital urological divisions (Zhongxiao Branch, Renai Branch, Hoping Branch, Yangming Branch, Zhongxing Branch) with the aim of establishing a urological specialist center. The location is the Zhongxiao Branch. We have introduced the newest techniques and equipment, for example, the laparoscopic and minimal-invasive surgery, a voiding dysfunction treatment center including video urodynamic studies, biofeedback and magnetic field stimulation treatment, robotic surgery for prostate cancer and the other urological disorders, a urolithiasis treatment center and a urological health inspection center. This center consists of top-grade professional talented persons and has enrolled well-known professors and the urologists at each branch of Taipei city hospital. This Urological Center provides the patients with a total and immediate service that has been honored with the national quality symbol since year 2007 till now. We also engage in clinical and basic research and received the award of first prize in the essay contest of the Taiwan Urological Association in 2010. Importantly, we also carry out public health projects such as prostate cancer screening and voiding dysfunction screening projects. We also engage on the training of urologists, nurses and other profession personnel as well as the development of the urological teaching and research.