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Taipei City Hospital Child Developmental Assessment & Intervention Center

About Us
Child Developmental Assessment & Intervention Center of Taipei City Hospital was established in 1997 and formerly known as Taipei Child Assessment and Early Intervention  Center. We offer a series of integral early intervention services including evaluation and therapy for children with developmental, emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties, such as motor/speech delay, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder as well as those with other problems, like bed-wetting and school-refusal. In addition, we provide these children and their families caring support and consultation to minimize future burden of the family and society.


Our Service
We offer assessment, intervention and related services for children with developmental difficulties who are under twelve years of age, but reserve first priority for children who are under three years old or Taipei city residents under six years old. Out-patient counseling services are also available for adolescents under age of eighteen.
Our services include multi-specialist joint clinics and trans-/inter-disciplinary team assessments, followed by comprehensive assessment reports, integrated intervention plan and programs, short-term individual or group treatment services, parenting skill training as well as social resources referrals.


Our Mission
To provide a professional, compassionate and coordinated approach for the assessment and treatment of children and family with special needs.


Our Team
Our integrated full-time professional team includes
  • child psychiatrist
  • child neurologist
  • physiatrist
  • pediatric genetics & endocrinologist
  • physical therapist
  • occupational therapist
  • speech and language pathologist
  • clinical psychologist
  • social worker
  • special education teacher
  • clinical audiologist
  • nurse practitioner
Service Process

child developmental assessment & intervention center




Appointment in advance by telephone:
  • Joint clinic(Child Psychiatrist,Neurologist, Genetic / Endocrinologist, Physiatrist )
  • General clinic
Specialist Consultation: Laboratory Examination
Interdisciplinary Assessments: Case Discussion、Formal Comprehensive Assessment Report
Specialist Consultation: Laboratory Examination
Reporting and Referral Center
  • Joint meeting
  • Outpatient clinic
    1. Family Family Support Group
    2. Our Center
    3. Hospital&Clinic
    4. Schools
    5. Resource Classroom
    6. Develop-mental center
    7. Case manager

Regular follow-up、Re-evaluation