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Department of Dentistry

Introduction to the Department of Dentistry
The core values of the Taipei City Hospital Dentistry Department Dental Department is to be a “medical center providing community dentistry”. We intend to recruit the best talents in the dental field, to provide a trusted high quality and community based professional service, to accept clinic transfers, and to aggressively promote dental health. We work with National Yang-Ming University in the area of research, which helps to provide our patients with high quality dental care and service. The dental center was formally established on Feb. 16, 2005. The center is a patient-centered medical care environment and provides a comprehensive dental service. The future plans in terms of medical care are as follows.
The hospital will provide high quality medical staff and facilities and take into consideration conveniences and ease of accessibility in order to provide all citizens with a high quality medical service. The Chung-Hsiao branch is the base hospital, which has a parallel dispersed dental clinic service and ward patient collected model. The dispersed dental clinic service means each hospital branch is responsible for general out-patient services and out-patient operations, which allowseach branch to develop their own expertise areas and to support other branches in these areas. Each site can transfer patients to another specialty site for further checkup or treatment. There is a centralized in-patient medical service, which means that all in-patient cases are centralized at base hospital, which is at the Chung-Hsiao site; this enhances the utilization rate of in-patent resources. According to the Dental Section head Dr. Chen Li-Kai, the organization of the section is following:

A. General practice
B. Oral surgery
C. Prosthetics
D. Endodontics and Periodontics
E. Pedodontics and Orthodontics

The task forces teams are:
A. Dental teaching research center
B. Community dental development center

Specialty areas for each hospital site are as following:

1. Base hospital Chung-Hsiao branch:
2. Ren-ai branch: Center for Orthodontics
3. Zhong-xing branch: Center for Periodontal Prevention and the Center for Temporal Mandibular Surgery
4.Yang-Ming branch: Center for Handicapped Dentistry
5.He-Ping branch: Center for Oral Rehabitation
6.Children and Women branch: Center for Childhood and Adolescent Orthodontics and the Center for Handicapped Reconstruction