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Zhongxing Branch

  • Introduction



Zhongxing Branch of Taipei City Hospital, formally the Taipei Municipal Zhongxing Hospital, was founded in 1905 and is located in the Datong District. We provides the best medical services for all residents of the greater Taipei area. We have connected with the community through an electronic network and are making great progress in medical research. “Rooting in the community and searching for the excellence” is our motto.
  • Service Units

    Zhongxing Branch
    Datong District Health Center
    Zhongshan District Health Center


  • Beds
    Number of Total Beds 584
    Ordinary Beds 385
    Specialist Beds 199
    Baby  52
    ICU  37
    Observation  28
    Hemodialysis  23
    Recovery Room  15
    RCC & RCW 44


    Affiliated Institution Beds 138
    Post-Partum Nursing
    Care Center
    Day Care 40


  •  Major Categories of Special Service

A. Institute of Ophthalmology Four centers:

  1. Corneal Transplant Center
  2. Retina Center
  3. Plastic Surgery of the Eye Center
  4. Eye Care and Children's Ophthalmology Center

B. Institute of Orthopedics

Promoting biotechological treatment.

  1. Marrow Medical Center
  2. Sports Medicine Center
  3. Joint Rehabilitation Center

C.Post-Partum Nursing Care Center Core Values:

  1. The provision of excellent care.
  2. A professional team.
  3. Warm and friendly nursing care.

Special Services:

  1. Nursing staff are available 24 hours.
  2. Doctors on duty provide daily follow-up outpatient service and consultation.
  3. Healthy and balanced puerperium meals are especially designed by dietitians and Chinese doctors.
  4. The provison of baby care guidance and consultation, guidance on puerperium nursing and the related course on health care.
  5. The provision of a safe and comprehensive lifestyle and environment for both mother and baby.

D.Physical Examination Center

  1. Excellent professional services
  2. Comfort and home-like environment
  3. All-in-One:
  4. (1) All examinations completed on the same floor and independently
    (2) Superb flow line
    (3) High Security
    (4) Unique VIP Room

  5. Service Items:
  6. (1) Individual PE
    (2) Pre-marital PE
    (3) Group PE
    (4) Company PE
    (5) TPE Citizen Health Card PE
    (6) Special Case PE

E.Respiratory Care Ward (RCW)

  1. The invariable objective of Taipei City Hospital is to serve the city residents and look after disadvantaged groups.
  2. Owing to the increasing amount of patients with respiratory tract illness, Zhongxing Branch is the first hospital with ICU, RCC and RCW among the hospitals in Taipei City & Taipei County area.
  3. We provide a humanistic and comfortable place for patients to stay and the family have a longer time with the patients.
  4. The humanization of the entire attendance at the hospital is aimed at.


  • Outpatient Service

Mon- Fri: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sat: 9:00-12:00 AM
Tel: ( 02 ) 2552–3234
Add: 145, Zhengzhou Road, Datong District, Taipei 103, Taiwan