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Heping Fuyou Branch (Fuyou)

Fuyou Branch


  • To provide care for the vulnerable and be an accountable public hospital.
  • To integrate the health care delivery system and to promote health services for the community


  •  To provide holistic care, to search for excellence, and to promote the health of the community.


  • To be a Community Medical Center
  • To construct a health care center for the citizens of Taipei.
  • To act as a center for disease control and prevention, to show goodwill to the community, to give priority to

women and children, and to ensure quality service
Women and Children's Health Center
Gynecology/Genetic Health/Pediatrics/Children's Physical and Mental Development Center

Women and Children's Health Center
Based on the core value of offering holistic nursing and care, we provide health care based on the life cycle from infancy to old age. We help with the prevention of common diseases among adolescents and adults, with pregnancy and postpartum management, with birth management among special female groups, with prenatal genetics examination, with infancy management, with genetics and rare disorder diagnosis and care, with mental health enhancement, with early stage treatment and prevention among infants and youths, with female cancer prevention (including breast cancer, cervical cancer and other related female cancers), with menopause health and aging prevention, with the treatment and protection of female urological diseases. etc. We are here to fulfill our duty, which is to offer comprehensive health care to women and children - our future leaders.

Department of Gynecology

A. Maternity-period health care

Premium health care related to pregnant women, high-risk pregnant women and reproductive medicine

B. Women's health care

  1. Provision of treatment and prevention for female cancer.
  2. The treatment of common female diseases such as various period related problems, fibroids, endometriosis conditions, ovarian cysts and vagina infections.
  3. Female urology, incontinence and uterine/bladder/rectum prolapse.
  4. Female menopause health and protection, such as the prevention of female osteoporosis, organ aging, etc.
C. Provide care related to infertility and reproduction.

Department of Genetic Health
Genetic counseling, prenatal genetic screening and examination, family planning, focused care for teenagers, help to newlywed women, help to mentally challenged and retarded women, family planning for new immigrants, and general genetic health.

Department of Pediatrics
Infant health care including preventive health care, infant care, infant and children's diseases, high-risk premature infants and rare/genetic disease screening and care.

Child Developmental Assessment & Intervention Center

Child Developmental Assessment & Intervention Center of Taipei City Hospital provides children with special needs aged 0 to 12 and their families in the Greater Taipei area with a series of integral early intervention services. Our integrated full-time professional team includes child psychiatrist, child neurologist, pediatric physiatrist, pediatric genetics & endocrinologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, clinical psychologist, audiologist, nurse practitioner, special education teacher and social worker. Pertinent to the child’s condition and needs, our center provides exquisite multi-specialist joint clinics and trans-/inter-disciplinary team assessments, followed by comprehensive assessment reports, integrated intervention plan and programs, various parenting seminars, support groups, social resources referrals, as well as team case discussion. It is hoped that through our services--early detection, accurate diagnosis and early intervention, future handicap could be prevented, so that the children can develop their potentials, play their life roles and lead independent lives. This will in turn reduce burden of families, health care, education and social welfare in the future.

Female Health Center

  1. Mammography and gynecological ultrasound inspections.
  2. Breast inspections, breast tumor removals, breast cancer medical treatment, breast tissue infections, breast abscesses and other related issues, cervical smears, uteroscope inspections and female cancer inspections.
  3. Other cancer inspection and prevention, such as rectum cancer.
  4. Female citizens are able to enjoy health checks in a care-free, private, fast, pressure-free environment at any time. They can remain fully dressed while completing cervical smear and breast cancer check-up procedures.
  5. Health care for elderly females includes: hormone supplements, prevention and inspection for osteoporosis, prevention and cure for female patients with urological related diseases, anti-aging prevention and other problems.

In conclusion, our emphasis is on prevention, treatment, health care education and care that enhances the health of women, which further extends their lives, improves their standard of living and hopefully will approach the ultimate goal of enjoying a perfect life.