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Liver Center

Primary liver cancer, also called Hepatocellular Carcinoma(HCC), is the leading cause of cancer death in Taiwan. Viral hepatitis related cirrhosis and its complications are also one of the major causes of death in this country. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease are also two emerging problems in this country. The ways to reduce the mortality caused by cirrhosis and HCC includes:

1. Prevention of hepatitis B and hepatitis C infection, which can be achieved by vaccination and precautions.

2. Life style changes.

3. Hepatitis treatment in order to prevent disease progression, which can be achieved by anti-viral therapy

4. Early diagnosis of HCC.

These can be achieved by early detection of liver lesion by a regular screening by ultrasound examination and serum AFP test and abilities to diagnose using such good images modalities such as CT scan and MRI together with good biopsy techniques and a pathology diagnosis ability.

5. Effective HCC treatment.

Surgical resection is currently the treatment of choice if not contraindicated. However, HCC mostly happens in cirrhotic patients where surgical resectioning is not always possible because of the poor liver function status. Non-surgery medical procedures such as Percutaneous Ethanol Injection (PEI) and Radiofrequency ablation (RFA), which also can achieve tumor eradication comparable to surgical resectioning, are used as the treatments of choice under these circumstances. In those with larger tumor numbers, Transarterial Chemoembolization (TACE) is recommended. Furthermore, the high probability of tumor recurrence and the multi-centric nature of HCC, either synchronous or meta-chronous, makes comprehensive integrated multi-disciplinary treatment of HCC very important. This needs good cooperation between specialists across various different medical fields.

The Ren-Ai Branch of Taipei City Hospital has experts in many different specialties including hepatologists specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease, in ultrasound techniques, in the diagnosis of HCC and in the non-surgery treatment such as PEI and RFA as well as radiologists who specialize in angiography and TACE procedures, surgeons who specialize in liver surgery and pathologists who specialize in liver disease and HCC. This group can fulfill all of the needs mentioned above. That is the reason why the Liver Center of Taipei City Hospital was based in the Department of Gastroenterology of Ren-Ai Branch.

The mission of our Liver Center, Taipei City Hospital is to provide the best medical services for the treatment of liver diseases that is possible and to carry out research and teaching in the field of Hepatology.

Our Location
11th floor East, Main Medical Building,
Taipei City Hospital, Ren-Ai Branch
No 10 Sec 4 Ren-Ai Road, Da-An district

Contact us
Tel: 02-27099558
Fax: 02-2 047859
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Special Points related to Our Service

  1. All of the ultrasound examinations and related procedures are performed by experienced medical doctors
  2. There is close cooperation between hepatologists and experts in other special fields including radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, oncologists and radiation oncologists, which together form a liver cancer team
  3. Provide comprehensive medical services for liver disease, from disease prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment to education and follow up
  4. Provide a Special Liver Clinic that combines medical visits and examinations in order to make regular follow up convenient for our liver patients
    Call our center before visiting: 02-27099558
  5. Provide counseling by phone or e-mail

    Our Service
    * Comprehensive services for liver diseases including viral hepatitis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic liver disease, autoimmune liver disease, biliary disease etc.
    * Anti-viral therapy for viral hepatitis
    * Treatment for cirrhosis and its complications
    * Liver cancer screening
    * Abdominal ultrasonography
    * Echo-guide liver biopsy and tumor biopsy
    * Other image studies of liver lesions
    * Diagnosis and management of liver lesions
    * Percutaneous ethanol injection ( PEI )
    * Radiofrequency ablation ( RFA)
    * Multidisciplinary treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma
    * Virological tests for hepatitis virus
    * Special services include:
    1. A liver care special clinic for patient with liver problems and patient who needs regular HCC screening. Patient are informed by telephone when there is an abnormality
    2. Health counseling by telephone, fax or e-mail
    3. Liver care patient club: education, counseling and personal experience sharing