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Taipei City Hospital


Linsen Chinese Medicine and Kunming Branch (Linsen)


Linsen(Chinese Medicine) Branch
The hospital environment guild
The building appearance of the Communicable Disease Control Branch

The Communicable Disease Control Branch is located on Lin-Shen North Road, next to Chung-Shan public elementary school.

First Floor Hall

The space design includes: a united service center, a clinical pathology counter and outpatient consulting rooms.

Outpatient registration and cashier counter

The receptionists at the registration counter serve patients in a friendly and quick manner. Inter-branch services are arranged by a specially assigned person.

The united?service center at the Communicable Disease Control Branch

The services provided include: general consultations, a telephone switchboard, providing directions, aid with form completion, auxiliary medical device rental, and so on.

Medicine Receiving Counter

The pharmacists follow the “three readings and five correct” principle when filling out each prescription, and instructing patients with drug usage. A list of the various medical products is posted at the counter to inform patients.


Clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology tasks are conducted by senior medical technologists who provide a blood, urine, E.K.G. and examination consulting service to patients.


A quick and high quality X-ray service is offered with enthusiasm by professional radiation therapists.


Professional consultations and treatment are provided by physical therapists.