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Chinese Medicine Clinic Center

A. Core Values
1. Promote Citizen Health
2. To Be Excellent
3. Holistic Care

B. Location
Address:No.100, Kunming St., Wanhua District, Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

C. Service
1. Internal Medicine
2. Dermatology
3. Gynecology
4. Pediatrics
5. Acupuncture
6. Traumatology

D. Teaching
1. Objectives:
① Internship, residentship, medical personnel in-service training.
② Learning, examination, application to clinic practice.
③ To create a well-trained TCM doctor with knowledge of modern medicine knowledge.

2. Methods:
① Seminars
② Residentship including traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine training
③ Morning Meetings
④ Bed-side clinic training
⑤ Inter hospital symposia

E. Research
The establishing of a TCM Research and Development Center with two divisions.

1. Department of cupuncture point stimulating with herbal plaster for Asthma.
① Chosing the correct herbal medicine with the right characteristics.
② Prescribing the herbal medicine.
③ Compounding a plaster formed from herbal medicines.
④ Placing the plaster on acupuncture points at certain periods during the year.
⑤ Evaluating the effectiveness of these plasters for the treatment of asthma.

2. Department of Cosmetology
[Method]: The promotion of health and natural beauty usingTCM methods.
① Herbal plasters
② Acupuncture
③ Qi-gong
④ Herbal teas
⑤ Chinese medicinal diets