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Heping Fuyou Branch(Heping)


The Heping Branch, which was also known as the “Taipei Municipal Hoping Hospital” for decades, was firstly established during Japanese Colonial Period on Fuzhou Street (the present location of Women and Children Branch) and provided outpatient services only. In 1947 with the transfer of political power, the Heping Branch was renamed the “Taiwan Provincial Taipei Hospital Southern Branch”, but the name has been changed again in 1968 when Taipei city was municipalised by the Executive Yuan. Hoping Hospital moved to Guangzhou Street in 1971, and the hospital started with 200 beds at the new location. In the year 2005, the municipal hospitals in Taipei were merged together and began to be governed by Taipei City Government directly; at this point the Hoping Hospital began to be officially called the “Taipei City Hospital Heping Branch”.

shutdown eveningThe SARS Period
On the 24th of April, 2003, there was a major outbreak of SARS at Heping. All hospital affairs were thus suspended. Entrance to and exit from the hospital were sealed with individuals trapped inside. The staffs were forcably isolated, and they could only see the light blue sky through the windows, while their minds and vision were neither light nor transparent at all. They could just wait, wait for another dawn, wait for another sunset, wait for the day when they could breathe the fresh air, and wait for the moment when their beloved ones could be in arms again.

It was indeed a trial for everyone, and an unforgettable heartbreaking memory for Heping staff that they hope fervently will never happen again. Heping, though was heavily damaged from within, has become stronger and tougher. In May of the same year, negative-pressured wards were constructed. On the 9th of June, Heping was reopened and outpatient services were restored. On the 28th of July, Heping restarted emergency services and this was the time when Heping was designated as the “Institute of Infectious Disease Control” to be activated when epidemic situations occur.

The Present & Heping’s Services
Heping branch now is a 510-bed regional hospital with a Fever Triage Station. It has 119 beds placed in negative-pressured wards. It is also well-known for community healthcare promotion in addition to the treatment of infectious disease. Projects such as four-cancer examinations, student eye protection, campus dental examinations, and smoking cessation clinics have been promoted in recent years. These importantly target both the local neighbourhood and the public in general.

Meanwhile, patient healthcare education seminars/workshops are organized regularly, and healthcare guidance is often provided outside of the clinics in the waiting area; the topics include medicine safety, disease control, and a healthy diet. It is one of Heping’s aims to educate every visitor in the concepts of prevention medicine and health maintenance. In terms of programs, Heping has gone through construction stages with the aim of creating an environment of high-standard and professional service quality to all the branch’s customers. With “Infection expertise, Community intimacy” as the strategic goal, the Heping Branch is sure to continue fulfilling every promise and responsibility, marching in step with the government and the era.

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