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Disaster Medicine

Zhongxing Branch

Disaster Medicine Research and Development Center

Ophthalmology/ Orthopedics/postpartum and Neonatal Care Center/ Cognitive-Behavioral Group Psychotherapy Center.

Disaster Medicine Research and Development Center

1.Setting up and offering training to the Taipei City Hospital Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMAT) in the sreas of disaster mitigation and relief.
2.Integrating the emergency rescue system and provide an air medical ambulance service to off-shore island patients in a critical condition.
3.Promoting emergency medical education training and preventive medicine to the public.
4.Promoting disaster medicine development:
We have set up a disaster medical system to respond to the possible disasters.
We have developed approaches to disasters that involves dangerous substances.
We provide long-distance disaster relief and management.

Four centers
1.Corneal Transplant Center
2.Retina Center
3.Plastic Surgery of The Eye Center
4.Eye Care and Children's Ophthalmology Center

1.Development of computer assisted and minimal invasive treatment.
2.Promote biotechnology based treatments including:
(1) A Marrow Medical Center
(2) A Sports Medicine Center
(3) A Joint Rehabilitation Center

Postpartum and Neonatal Care Center
Core Values:
1.Provide excellent care.
2.A Professional Team
3.Warm and friendly nursing care.
Special Services:
1.Nursing staff are available 24 hours a day.
2.The doctors on duty provide daily follow-up outpatient service and consultations.
3.Healthy and balanced puerperium meals are especially designed by dietitians and Chinese doctors.
4.The provision of baby care guidance and consultation, guidance on puerperium nursing and related courses on health care.
5.Provide a safe and comprehensive lifestyle and environment for both mother and baby.

Cognitive-Behavioral Group Psychotherapy Center
An experienced professional team.
Psychotherapy is conducted in a warm and friendly environment.
Comprehensive and excellent quality cognitive behavioral psychotherapy.
An urban paradise for the mind.