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Cancer Prevention

Renai Branch

• To provide care for the vulnerable, and be an accountable public hospital.
• To integrate health care delivery system, and promote health services for the community.

• To provide holistic care, to search for excellence, and to promote the health of the community.

• To provide quality medical care, to love others as yourself, and be a guardian angel for all citizens

Cancer Prevention R&D Center

Liver Disease Center/Neurology Center/Cardiovascular System Center

Cancer Prevention R&D Center
Integrated medical resources, by means of joint cancer research, a centralized cancer databank and community screening/health education. An aggressive approach to general cancer prevention provides citizens with comprehensive care.

A. Characteristics
1. Introduce intensity-controlled equipment for chemotherapy, a linen chute, PET scanning, and angiography to improve the quality of therapy for cancer.
2. Use integrated cancer medical care to improve quality such as the development of multidisciplinary clinics (Chinese and Western medicine).

B. services
1. Cancer screening (breast cancer, cervical cancer, large intestine cancer, rectal cancer, oral cancer and liver cancer) and cancer prevention health education.
2. Targeted examinations for cancer (CT scanner, NMR, and tumor markers.)
3. Cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, TACE, alcohol injection) and patient self-help groups.

Liver Disease Center

Develop hepatology in order to maintain the good health of our citizens.

Combining education, comprehensive services and innovative research, the Liver Disease Prevention and Research Center at present plays an extremely critical role in Taiwan.

A. Specialized Treatment Facility:
The breakthrough ultrasonic system and the best Internal Medicine and Liver Cancer Medical team collaborate with the X-ray Department, Pathology Department, Gastroenterological Surgery Department, Hematology-Oncology Department and Radiation-Oncology department to create the most outstanding liver cancer diagnosis and medical treatment group in the country.
1. The finest treatment and diagnosis for early-stage liver cancer and partial liver cancer.
2. Use of the top non-surgical treatments and the ability to perform combination medical treatments including surgical operations, percutaneous acetic acid intratumor injection, wireless low-frequency medical treatment, transcatheter arterial embolization, intra-arterial chemotherapy, radioactive treatment, etc).
3. Carry out hepatitis research and meet clinical needs by researching viral molecular biology and examination categories.
4. The best liver cancer inspection team providing the high cancer risk groups with a more convenient inspection service. The “Protect Your Liver” outpatient service that allows the making of an appointment at the center, outpatient service and inspection all in one go.
5. Creating an alliance between the liver cancer center of Kurume University of Japan in order to enhance related research, collaboration and academic exchange.
6. Actively involvement in the development of new treatments to provide a permanent cure for liver cancer.
7. Special focus on cancer health care education and the prevention of liver cancer.
8. Ensuring the continuous development of the new diagnosis approaches to viral hepatitis and its treatment.
9. Active involvement in research on viral hepatitis and viral molecular biology.
10. Providing a service for liver cancer patients, such as group counseling and support.

B. Specialized Medical Services:
1. Percutaneous acetic acid intratumor injection treatment.
2. Wireless low-frequency cauterization treatment.
3. Composite-type staged liver cancer treatments.
4. To conduct the diagnosis and medical treatment on all kinds of liver and biliary tract related diseases.
5. Abdomen ultrasonography, color Doppler ultrasonic imaging, other ultrasonic puncture diagnosis and other treatments.
6. All types of hepatitis related virology related examinations.
7. All types of disease-resistant pharmaceutical treatments for viral hepatitis and liver cancer.
8. Conducting clinical trial on new medicine and treatments for hepatitis and liver cancer.
9. Conducting all types of basic and clinical research on hepatology.
10. Special testing and inspection of high liver cancer risk groups.
11. The “Protect Your Liver” outpatient service and instant notification of anything unusual or perturbing.
12. Conduct health education on liver disease through various community activities, television, radio and the print media.
13. Provide consultations on liver cancer and other hepatitis related disease.
14. The “Protect Your Liver Club” organizes cancer patient seminars, social events and lectures.
15. Free hepatitis B/C tests and inspections are held without any fixed schedule.

Neurology Center

A. Characteristics
1. Special internal neurological examinations: EEG, EMG, NCV, evoked potentials, carotid duplex, clinical assessment in the area of neurology.
2. Surgical neurological brain tumor center: providing brain tumor patients with intensive surgery and excellent surgical care of an international caliber

B. Service
(1) Internal surgical service
CVA, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, paroxysmal diseases, peripheral neuropathy, muscular diseases, psycho-somatic diseases and sleeping disorder, other cerebral and spinal diseases, and motor neuron disease.
(2) Surgical neurological service
Head: trauma, prolactinoma, intracranial hemorrhage, brain aneurysm, brain tumor, AVM, hydrocephalus, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm
Spine: spinal injuries, spinal tumor, spondylolisthesis, backache, sciatica, cervical bone purs
Other: carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, brachial plexus neuropthy, hyperhidrosis

Cardiovascular System Center

A. Specialized Treatment Facilty
1. Certified by the Heart Association as a teaching/training hospital for cardiovascular internal medicine.
2. The high precision cardiac catheterization facilities provide all-around heart diagnosis and treatments.
3. The one and only municipal hospital in Taiwan that is capable of performing cardiovascular operations independently.
4. Offer the most reasonable and affordable cost structure, premium quality operations and the best inpatient service to fulfill the Taipei City Government’s social obligations in terms of looking after the citizens of Taipei.

B. Services
1. Diagnosis and treatment of cardiological diseases using EKG, chest and esophagus UT, ambulatory electrocardiography, treadmill-excise testing, ICD, pacemaker, pericardiocentesis, IABP and myocardial perfusion scanning.
2. ICD examination and treatment.
3. Aortic aneurysm surgery.
4. Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) and cardiac valvular surgery.
5. Peripheral arterial disease including treatment of blockages and varicose veins laser surgery.
6. Open heart operations without transfusion.
7. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine.