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Occupational Disease

Zhongxiao Branch

• To provide care for the vulnerable, and be an accountable public hospital.
• To integrate the health care delivery system, and promote health services for the community.

• To provide holistic care, to pursue for excellence, and to promote the health of the community.

• Patient centered and holistic health care
• Community oriented in order to build up a public health network in Eastern-Taipei
• Our enthusiastic team aims to create a pleasant and safe hospital.

Occupational Disease Research and Development Center

Urology/Dentistry/Occupational Medicine

Occupational Disease Research and Development Center

The rapid pace of industrialization in the past century has led to the discovery of an increasing number and higher prevalence of occupational diseases. An occupational disease prevention and treatment system was devised to allow patients to take better advantage of available medical resources. Improved training and promotion has fostered growth in occupational disease training and research.

  1. Occupational diseases reporting:
    Monitoring and ensuring quality reporting of occupational diseases with individual case management of occupational diseases handled by the case management center.
  2. Individual case management with collection of data on occupational injuries and diseases as reported by hospital branch.
  3. A healthy working environment encouraged by its promotion.
  4. Occupational physical examinations involving the design of specialized occupational physical examinations based on occupational health evaluations and job type.

Urology Center
Professional urologists provide all-purpose diagnosis and treatment for city residents. We also provide on-the-job training of urologists, nurses, and professionals as well as conducting urology research.

  1. Laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery
    We are equipped with a digital voice controlled image editing system, lasers, and state-of-the-art laparoscopic surgery equipment. This is the most advanced digital surgery center in Taiwan.
  2. Urinary Incontinence Therapy Center
    We offers all-purpose treatment for urinary incontinence.
  3. Calculus Therapy Center
    The latest endoscopic lithotriptor, percutaneous laser lithotomy and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy are available
  4. Women and Children's Urology Center
    Treatment of urinary incontinence in women, and of adolescent urinary issues.
  5. Tumor Center
    Mesothelioma surgery, general tumor surgery, and planning/execution/tracking of non-surgical treatments are available
  6. Urology Examination Center
    Professional urological examinations that require only two hours to complete are provided.
  7. Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunctions Center
    A sperm bank, counselling and treatment for male infertility and sexual dysfunctions are available

Department of Dentistry
Zhongxiao Branch is the base hospital for clinical dentistry services. "Wide-ranging clinical visits with a centralized administration," is the method employed by all branch hospitals in delivering specialized services. Specialists travel to other branch hospitals to provide convenient clinical services near our patients' homes. Specialized dental care that requires hospitalization is performed at the Zhongxiao branch.

  1. Priority is given to serving patients and the community and the provision to ding citizens of sound oral medical care.
  2. Cooperate with learning institutions to conduct speciaized research and the training of specialized physicians.
  3. Set up mobile stations to promote dental health education in order to serve the community by performing screening events.
  4. Partnering with the Department of Health in order to schedule regular visits to kindergartens; adult day care institutions and mentally and physically handicapped institutions to perform oral examinations.

Department of Occupational Medicine
Preventive care, treatment, rehabilitation, referral of occupational diseases; inspection of working environments to suggest methods of reducing occupational hazards; the provision of physical examinations and the provision of public health education.

  1. Joint clinical services that offer multi-disciplinary care-community hospitals with occupational specialists
  2. Promotion of occupational health