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Community Medicine

Yangming Branch

Community Medicine R&D Center /Family Medicine Department.

Otolaryngology Department Rehabilitation Department/ Metabolism Department.

Community Medicine R&D Center/Family Medicine Department.

Our center is devoted in promoting the health management of our citizens to ensure that residents of our community enjoy the most compassionate and attentive health care system. This includes promoting the public health care policy, enhancing medical care to the elderly and disadvantaged minorities, providing disease prevention  and health enhancement services, carrying out disease testing and inspection, providing appropriate medical treatment, minimizing the effects of handicaps and providing long-term nursing. The aim is to create a specialized community medical development system. Our plan is as follows:

  1. Collaborate with the Shilin and Beitou Health Service Centers when conducting large-scale community health examinations, health inspections and medical treatment follow up.
  2. Connect with local clinics to build a medical network for the community.
  3. Promote health care education and prevention in the community.
  4. Train and educate community health volunteers.
  5. Establish educational cooperation with various medical universities and carry out dedicated training of doctors working in the community.
  6. Promote hot spring health tourism.
  7. Establish a special team targeting long-term nursing and care.
  8. Establish cooperation with the community care centers to improve nursing quality for the disadvantaged minorities.
  9. Provide inpatient service to the commissioned community care and nursing center. Our medical team will visit care centers regularly to conduct the “mobile medical treatment” via inpatient service.
    Department of Otolaryngology

Examination and treatment of vocal disorders and the diagnosis of hearing impairments

Clinics, hospitalization, and 24/7 emergency medicine

Special equipments:

1. All types of hearing examination facilities.
2. A high-resolution nasophasyngo laryngoscope
3. Videostroboscopy
4. A Zeiss surgical microscope
5. A Storz nasophasyngo laryngoscope
6. Specialized equipment for otolaryngology
Department of Rehabilitation

  1. Physical therapy, radiotherapy, water therapy, heat therapy, ambulation training, balance training, prosthesis training, posture training, strength training, stretch training, facilitation techniques, slacking technique and, movement therapy
  2. Occupational therapy, the use of all types of splints, passive ROM, balance training, movement training, strength training, ADL training, motion-sensory training and cognitive training
  3. Speech therapy: listening comprehension training, speech training, oral Tx., auditory discrimination, phonetic placement, rhythm training and swallowing evaluation and treatment

 Department of Metabolism

  1. The creation of a diabetes-specialist team that includes endocrinologists, specialized nurses and nutritionists in order to provide professional advice on diet, exercise, and medication.
  2. Hold regular events for diabetes patients and create a painting class for patients that will allow them to interact.
  3. Integrate psychological and physical care with elements from the humanities and arts.
  4.  The establishment of a weight-loss clinic to discourage individuals from developing clinical metabolic syndrome.
  5. The develop of a multilingual staff that will allow patients from around the world to enjoy our high level healthcare services.