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Community Tuberculosis Prevention/AIDS Prevention

Kunming Branch

Community Tuberculosis Prevention Center

AIDS Prevention Research and Development Center

Community Tuberculosis Prevention Center/AIDS Special Outpatient Service/
AIDS Outpatient Service at the Department of Dentistry/
STD Outpatient Service/Syphilis and AIDS Blood Inspection Center/
Methadone Outpatient Service

Community Tuberculosis Prevention Center

The Community Tuberculosis Prevention Center also serves as Taipei City Government’s prevention and treatment division. This department is in charge of tuberculosis prevention and the management on tuberculosis patients within the community, the contact window for further medical treatment, medical care and other management services. In addition, it organizes tuberculosis prevention and management related courses to enhance the efficiency of tuberculosis community prevention.

Based on the WHO 10 year policy to reduce tuberculosis, we have been actively training the social workers to promote our prevention plan.

  1. Establishment of an effective surveillance system to track tuberculosis development.
  2. Organization of a tuberculosis health care education and the promotion of increased knowledge of tuberculosis.
  3. A dedication to research and development in order to provide more effective tuberculosis prevention and help with the training and recruitment of more tuberculosis medical professionals. We are keen on training the tuberculosis case administrators and social workers for hospitals and communities. We are establishing tuberculosis stations for prevention and observation in order to expand our prevention plan.
  4. The organization of related vaccine training courses and workshops for medical staff within Taipei City to ensure better inoculation quality and techniques. We are responsible for 158 elementary schools where tuberculosis inspection, scar inspection and inoculation take place, which help to successfully strengthen the prevention of tuberculosis.
  5. The organization of X-ray inspection in various communities to keep track of the tuberculosis and minimize spread in the community at an early stage.
  6. The organization of X-ray inspection for high tuberculosis risk group, densely populated institutions and various special groups in order to keep track of the tuberculosis and minimize spread in the community at the early stage.
  7. Follow up on tuberculosis infected individuals and possible carriers within the community.

AIDS Prevention Research and Development Center

  1. Developing the first stage of STD prevention by educating the public on infectious diseases.
  2. Enhancing the second stage of STD prevention by early individual case detection.
  3. Helping the third stage of STD prevention by improving prevention and the quality of medical care.
  4. Bringing about the training and education of medical professionals in the area of STDs and encouraging more research and better international cooperation.
  5. Improving communication among organizational levels by holding conferences for AIDS prevention and promotion committees and teams.
  6. Integrating the various resources available in society and working together as a team to prevent the spread of the STDs.

AIDS Outpatient Service

  1. We are certified as an AIDS inspection institute and have gained DOH’s approval to provide the most comprehensive inspections and medical treatment for AIDS virus infection. We are responsible for tracking the following: measuring lymphocyte (CD4/CD8) numbers and assessing AIDS virus load, together with other tests in the area of hematology, biotechnology, liver infection etc.
  2. Full-time case managers and professional infection disease doctors provide comprehensive care to individuals and ensure sufficient resources are provided to improve patient’s quality of life.

AIDS Outpatient Service at the Department of Dentistry

We have established an AIDS Outpatient Dentistry Service specifically for AIDS patients with services such as teeth cleaning, diagnosis, treatment and other related services.

STD Outpatient Service

  1. Inspection, diagnosis and medical treatment for syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia trachomatis, Herpes, condyloma (warts), chancroid, other STDs and various other gynecological infectious diseases.
  2. Provide the cutting edge cauterization for condyloma removal.
  3. Provide premium quality high precision automatic methods for antibody inspection of AIDS, syphilis and chlamydia trachomatis. In addition, there is syphilis IGM confirmation, gonorrhea virus incubation measurement, advanced gonorrhea testing, virus identification etc.

Syphilis and AIDS Blood Test Center

Provide free service for AIDS and syphilis blood testing. Other than the routine blood tests (with health insurance) and an instant blood test at one's own cost, our professional case managers will assist customers with blood test services, and provide consultations before and after tests.

Methadone Outpatient Service

Methadone maintenance treatment and clean needle exchange are the frontline in prevention. We have been providing methadone maintenance treatment to former heroine addicts since November 2006. The methadone service is available all year round from 7:30 in the morning till 8:00 in the evening.